I've been asked about this question alot, when is kennedy going to start, are you putting Kensley in too?
& I talked a little bit about preschool on this vlog.
That was at the beginning of summer/late spring. We had two places we were really interested in Kennedy going to. I LOVE Montessori, we do alot of it at home; so sending her to a Montessori school seemed the most natural. Unfortunately, for Kennedy & this particular school it just wasnt the right fit. They have a mold & Kennedy just wasnt meant to fit it. At the time we were still having some problems with tantrums {which I will be writing about soon} So as much as I wanted her there, Brandon finally made me realize it just wasn't for her.

The was a Christian school, GREAT school. The facility itself is amazing. I love the curriculum, it was the same I used as a kid while home-schooled. When we first walked in, the director asked how old she was & I told her she turned 2 in November. She then says "wow, she is really mature....physically" & I thought hm how odd. I mean I guess I dont know exactly the size of an average 2 year old, but compared to our close friends whose children are weeks away from her; are the same size? We walked into the first classroom, it seemed perfect for her. The school schedule was posted & she said "They can't really comprehend these things now so we just kinda touch on them" She was referring to shape,colors, counting ect. All of which we already have down pat. Then proceeded by saying "Now, we can go over to the class she will be in, the 2's" & I thought whatttt? This wasn't her class? All the kids were the same size, talking with her, like her. Seemed to be on the same level, development wise.
We stepped into the 2's room & I was shocked, everyone seemed so small! Maybe Kennedy was tall her her age! I know every child excels differently, but this class just wasn't for her. I think if anything she would regress with not only educational things, but socially; which really was the only reason I was putting her in this class.

For each family & child it's different. But something was tugging on me to keep her home. Whether that be just for now or years from now, I just felt that was what I was supposed to do. So we did. We kept her home. We continued our own "school" & she is thriving. Not only did I feel like it was what was best for her, but I felt as tho this is the reason my husband is working so hard for me stay home. So I can teach them, be there for them, ect. not someone else.
There is the social part that I wasn't getting outside of our playdates & her sister.
Which really brings me to point of this post:

We started going more actively to the Library preschool programs.
We absolutely love them. We are there for a program twice week, a normally there for books another day. Kennedy right now has out 10 books, has 2 on a waiting list, & got another 5 today! Such a bookworm! :)
It really gives both girls social interaction, to listen to authority other the typical people in her life & play with other children.
1. Summer Library time, Watching ronald mcdonald//2. Kensley coloring her a PBS sheet//3.dancing to the dumpster drummers//4. always looking for new books//5. summer craft class, sunglasses!//6.their favorite is to run down the ramp//7.making a car for craft during storytime//8.listening to mrs.jan read a story//9.kensley first storytime//10.painting with foam//11. coloring together//12. the all time favorite, bye-bye bubbles

Now Kensley is old enough for her own "storytime" & I have seen her blossom so much! She is a observer & it gets her up & moving & interacting.
Kennedys "storytime" is so much like preschool. We do a craft, read books with a activity, fun interactive finger-plays & songs.
 & I get to be there with them, encouraging & helping them learn, which is huge to me. Both my girls learn in such unique ways, me being there with them; helps when they don't understand like someone else might! 

So for now, this is our decision. Staying at home, doing out own school {click HERE for some of the activities that i've shared that we do!} & taking advantage of library! 

I so encourage you to check out local library, & see what they offer!
 Our library offers SO much! The concept kits, I LOVE ! We took out one tub for 2 weeks & completely learned shapes! It came with books, puzzles, folder games & so much more! There are SO many different subjects! They have a PBS corner, that they can't get enough of! It features a different PBS character & a fun activity, I think every month! & the storytimes I just mentioned! The have a table of just puzzles & shelves with toys! For older & more advanced tot their are load of computers with educational software, we can't quite use a mouse yet so we haven't been able to use! &  Even if there isn't as many activities to offer, its the best for just a rainy day! I mean who child doesn't love books?

If you stay at home, does your tot go to preschool? Why or why not?  Do you go to your library as much as we do?