Gosh, I have so many posts to post! Which is a good thing, I have recently; actually longer than recently kinda been dull. But I feel like I've got my groove back. I am excited to blog again & thats what Ive been missing!

But first, lets talk about our week!
Like I said, Brandon had the whole week off! This is huge! My husband works alot. He works a hour away, so if he ever gets off on time; which never happens, he gets home pretty late. He leaves when the girls are sleeping, & getting home either when they are sleeping or right before!
We were hoping to have another day-cation. But we decided just to dive into projects around the house {more posts on that later}. It was SO great having a extra hand. It crazy just how much easier it is having that second parent around during "witching hour" at our house!
I had mentioned our fair was in town, & what a big deal it was!
It  did not disappoint! & the girls were older & enjoyed it SO much! I think we were there almost everyday, we couldn't stay away from the animal barns!

There is just something about the fair, the animals, the games, the clog my artires food.. I just love it!
I have the most fun memories as a kid at the fair, & I intend for my girls to have them too!

Even tho Brandon and I had no problem eating our faces off in greaseyness, I didn't want to fill the girls with too much that. This was the most healthy snack we could find for them, frozen chocolate bananas! & boy did they love it!

This was the first year for the girls to really be able to play games. & I swear they would make us go bankrupt at how many times they wanted to play the duck game!

Kennedys Prize!

Kensley's prize

This game Kensley wanted nothing to do with! But Kennedy on the other hand has a recent fascination with fishing, so naturally she loved it!

 Ahh, the fish game! Is any trip to the fair completely without playing the fish game?
We have one fish from last year, Nemo; God bless him. He has been kickin for year now, the longest Ive ever seen a fair first survive. Kennedy has learned to love & care the little guy. She feeds him & kisses his bowl every night before bed. 
& well, we got him a friend, Dory. I mean..obviously

Our little town square.

One day, Brandon stayed home with Kensley & Kennedy and I went with our friends for a few hours!

Christy & Alayna!
I grew up raising goats. They always have a special place in my heart. When we move in the next 2 years; that will be our first purchase at the new house! Goats & Chickens!

Kennedy has my love for animals, & I love that goats tug a lil at her heart too.

We ate too many things were fried, spent too much far too many blow up toys that squeak & have several more stuff animals to add to our ever growing collection. 
But it was such a fun week for us all as a family.
Until next year!