This time of year until the end of the year, we are SO busy.
Honestly, right now; I am SO thankful. It is keeping my mind off things, so even if we are trying to do a million things in one day I am not sitting at home...THINKING. 
Everyone we know has a toddler having a birthday, actually we have a birthday party every weekend til Kennedys! She is the last of the bunch!
We also have lots of fun, local things that are happening til then, not mention festive stuff like apple picking, pumpkin patch, Christmas tree hunting {oh gosh, christmas! I can't wait} We are having a pumpkin carving party too, along with Kennedys birthday; so I have lots of planning to do!

Anyway, this past weekend started all the fun madness!
First was the Johnny Appleseed Festival! We also had, ironically, Johnnys 3rd birthday party that I totally spaced pics of!
We went Saturday & Sunday so there is mix of pictures in here!

The barrel dig, the girls' dug thru the barrel to find a block & the block told you what prize you got!

 The next few pictures are of Kennedy making a candle! You walk around a circle, dipping the wick into the wax to make it bigger!

final product!!

Johnny Appleseed's grave!

 A fun hay-bail maze!

The girls watching the cloggers!

Kennedy thought this was pretty neat! "mommy, he is makin a bowl, to eat cereal!"

This was a Johnny Appleseed impersonator, he gave the girls rocks! 

Making caramel corn!

playing basket ball with fabric balls!

Brandon has the whole week off, today was his first day off; & I am still pinching myself!
Our county fair, which is a big deal around here. Kids get off school, people travel to go to it, I even remember friends in college would travel home for it! I am excited for it, but really thrilled to have my husband home!
I love this time of year! & really  can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch & start other holiday festive stuff!