Everything about this day started off against us.
The day before I dropped the toy laptop on my toe & about broke it. I had to take a drill bit {yeah I know, totally gross} to my toe to relieve the pressure before my toe exploded ..ok it probably wouldn't have exploded, but it freakin hurt. I woke up with a migraine that made me sick & there was crazy fog, delaying our day!
When we FINALLY got the orchard, after we got lost of course, we found out the one we picked didn't even let you pick your own apples!
So another 20 minute drive & we were at the cutest little orchard that we could pick our own apples!
It's never really fall, until you pick your own apples!



Kennedys friend Alayna!


We sat down to cool off & Christy, snapped a few pics of the girls & I! I am never in pics, so I am grateful for these!


 We ended the day the apple cider freezes they had! They were a huge hit!
We will def be going back again!
The girls really enjoyed it, & so did us mommas!
Tomorrow you can find me baking, apple crisp or apple pie?!
Decisions, decisions!