Where to stay in Chattanooga Tennessee | The Read House

If you are new here, when we travel with our kids we love to find places to stay that have history to them. Collectively as a family we are total history buffs so if we can, instead of staying at a chain hotel we like to find something that is more unique or with history! The kicker is it has to be family-friendly!  Boy did we find that at the Read House!

The historic Read House is absolutely breathtaking! You are transported back into the 1920's the moment you arrive. The bellmen down to the waitress at the bar wear time-appropriate clothing! The girls loved our waitress's flapper dress! The Read House went through a 28 million dollar renovation in 2018, & holy crap did they do amazing.

I think I IG storied the lobby 500 times It is so breathtaking!
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The location of the Read House is perfect. We were able to walk to almost all of the activities we had planned. It was a short walk to the children's museum, the aquarium & lots of restaurants. 
For the full list of everything, we did while in Chattanooga CLICK HERE!

Yeah, there's a Starbucks.

There is dining right on site. They have a Starbucks, yes FULL Starbucks right off the lobby! We went every morning!

A more upscale restaurant called "Bridgeman's Chophouse" & a Bar & Billards room. We ate here one night & it was delicious. We were able to order pretty much anything on the chophouses menu. I got the crab cakes & I highly recommend them! 


This made our stay just a little bit more fun! There are stories of a hotel room in the Read House being haunted. The infamous, Room 311. According to the website “There are many who believe Room 311 is haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly – a guest who was allegedly beheaded in the bathtub by a jealous lover in 1927. Over the years, a number of guests have reported paranormal activity in the room, including unexplained noises, flickering lights, running water, shadowy figures, and more. The haunted room is well-known by many locals who have experienced paranormal activity of their own. “ Guests who have stayed in Room 311 swear to have felt Annalisa’s presence, and some say they have even seen her. Room 311 was restored to its original 1920s state during the hotel’s latest renovation. Many of the original elements from Annalisa Netherly’s time remain, including a vintage clawfoot tub and an AM radio. A manual lock on the door requires the use of a physical key, just like hotel guests would have used in 1927.”

We took a walk by the door, it is the only original hotel door & can only be unlocked with a physical key rather than key cards like the others. We got a call asking if we would like to tour the room & the girls were thrilled! The room is a time warp taking you back to the 1920s! You can request a tour of your own for you to check out yourself & see if you think it's haunted!

*PRO TIP: We did the tour around bedtime, the girls went down in their jammies. Made it a little bit more spooky & fun*

Our stay was so amazing. If you are looking for a place with kids or without in Chattanooga The Read House is the best place to stay!