Rock City with Kids | Things to Do in Chattanooga 

This summer we made our summer vacation trip to Chattanooga, Tennesse! One of our stops was Rock City. I wasn't sure what to expect because the little that I knew was it was a hike. It is a hike, a very easy one but it does cost admission. Which I did not realize prior to arriving. However, we were not disappointed at all! The hike is extremely easy. The views made the trip completely worth it & were just amazing!

Where is Rock City?

Technically it is in Georgia on Lookout Mountain. But it is just a short 6-mile drive from Chattanooga. You really can't miss it as there are actually signed EVERYWHERE for this place. Truly. Every.Where.

Parking is Free!

How much does it cost?

I mentioned that there is an admission price for Rock City. You will need to purchase tickets to hike the trail & see the amazing views.

Adults: $21.95-$24.95
Children {ages 3-12}:  $12.95-$13.95
Children under the age of 2 are FREE.


As I said, the hike is extremely easy. Like you could do it in flip-flops if you wanted. Though some areas were slick when we were there so I am not sure I recommend it! I wore my Teva sandals, the girls wore their keens & Brandon wore his Murells! Basic tennis shoes work perfectly! 

Dress-wise depending on the weather would be just something comfortable for walking!

While the trail is, from what I  can recall, all paved the trail itself is not stroller friendly. There are some incredibly tight squeezes {one is actually called "Fat Mans Squeeze"} so there is no way to fit even the smaller stroller in areas. We wore Bo, 6 months at the time, in a hiking carrier. Brandon did have to take him off in some tight spaces and carry the pack.

There are vending machines & even little shops to grab food along the way but I would recommend water bottles &/or snacks if you have young ones! Mommas there is a Starbucks right across the street if you need a pick me up!


I would plan on being there anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours to not feel rushed & see everything!

I think any age would be great to come to Rock City, however, there are some tight spaces, bridges & heights. You know your kiddo best, but staying on the trail will be important! 

The first trail is so fun for kiddos. You look for gnomes throughout the gardens & get to see some awesome rock formations & plants! You will get a feel for the first narrow passage in the first half. If you have little ones they may be a little nervous, holding hands or having an adult or older sibling go first may help during these tight squeezes!

The paths signs are kinda confusing. The arrows of where to go don't actually point anywhere & it's confusing on which trail to choose. Families around were having the same issue as us. Let me take the confusion away from you & let you know it really doesn't matter which way you take. They all lead to the same place. ha! Definitely grab a map on your way in!

 My favorite thing about hiking Rock City is there is something everywhere along the way to look for kids! It was never boring! My favorite thing was this Rainbow Hall where they put colored stained-glass into this walkthrough & the sun coming through makes a rainbow!


The ultimate destination at Rock City is seeing Lover's Leap waterfall & the lookout point where you can see 7 states! & holy cow was it amazing! The waterfall has so much power you can feel it. Seeing 7 states was so so neat! They have all of the state flags flying at point, too! They have lots of seating & even a place to eat up here so it is a great place to take a break!

Near the end of the path, you will come across the Fairyland Caverns & Mother Goose Village. I am going, to be honest here & say I thought this place was creepy. But the girls absolutely loved it. There are handmade scenes from fairytales along the way & you eventually make it Mother Goose Village which is a black light lit room where it has more scenes from all of the old nursery rhymes. This area is underground & a little stuffy but a nice break from the sun if you go on a summer day!

Rock City was so much fun with Kids!

Rock City was one of the main highlights of our trip. We had such a blast. It was such a leisure hike with the most incredible views, the girls haven't stopped talking about. We really enjoyed ourselves & it was for sure a stop we won't forget!