We want to thank French Lick Resort for hosting our family during our stay. We had such an amazing time & made lifelong memories. You made ending summer so perfect!

 Summer Getaway to French Lick Resort with Kids

French Lick Resort

We were invited back to French Lick for a Back to School, Goodbye to Summer getaway!

If you missed it we had the most enchanting visit during Christmas time in 2019, you can view that HERE. We were so excited to be back & experience the resort during a new season. It was truly the best getaway. Just as it did during Christmas there were endless things to do as a family. We enjoyed ourselves more than words can say. 

One thing I love about French Lick Resort is you almost feel like you go back in time. It's good ole fashion family fun. It simple & timeless time together with the most gorgeous atmosphere. During our time we met so many families that had been coming every summer for years! Grandparents visiting with their children & their grandkids. It was so heartwarming & magical to watch! While showing our visit on Instagram stories {you can follow me HERE} someone said it reminded them of Kellerman's from Dirty Dancing & I totally agree!

As a refresher so you aren't confused throughout this post French Lick Resort is made of 2 hotels. West Baden & French Lick. You can do visit & do any activities at either hotel as it is all on property & part of French Lick Resort as a whole.

First, we stayed in West Baden this trip! A lot of people have asked which they should stay at. Truly, you can not go wrong with either French Lick or West Baden. I will say, I enjoyed the West Baden room so much more, however, I felt as though French Lick had more families running around & a family atmosphere! I was able to go to both Spas at each & they are equally as amazing. Whichever you choose you will have a wonderful stay. 

French Lick Resort

We got room service for breakfast one morning & oh my goodness. It was DECLIOUS.

French Lick Resort

French Lick Resort

Headed to French Lick for Christmas?

Read about the Polar Express HERE

Check out all there is to do at the resort during Christmas HERE

Here are 8 Family Fun Activities to do at French Lick Resort:

1. Swimming

What's summer without swimming in the pool? Between the two hotels, there are 5 pools! At French Lick, they have 2 outdoor pools. One for families & one for adults only! We spent our time at the French Lick pools! They are large & have plenty of chairs to relax on! There is a bar right by the pool, as well as food trucks & a small restaurant for food & snacks! The pools are fantastic & the kids & you will have a great time!

French Lick Resort

2. Horse Back Riding at French Lick Resort

Just the girls & I went on a horse trail ride. Oh my goodness did we enjoy ourselves. Every single person that was working at the stables was so incredibly kind! The ride up to the stables is beautiful & the ride itself so relaxing. You can one of the resort trolleys right up to the stables. Don't forget to met Pepsi!

Trail rides are reservation only & for ages 8+ and you can expect the ride to last anywhere from 45-90 minutes. 

Ride happen daily at:
10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

$65 per person for 45 minutes

$110 per person for 90 minutes

There are pony rides for younger children as well!

$25 per child

$35 per child with a keepsake photo

*All rides at The Stables are subject to availability, favorable weather, and trail conditions.

French Lick Resort Stables

3. FootGolf

Head over the Valley Links golf course right on property {again you can take the trolley} & play FootGolf! I had never heard of it prior to our trip & after we left I googled places near home to play! The girls & Brandon had such a great time! It's a mix of golf & soccer! Using traditional golf rules and etiquette, a soccer ball replaces the golf ball and your feet are used instead of clubs — no prior experience needed. Play a traditional round of 9 or 18 holes, or try the 14-hole Short Course with unlimited play all day. Soccer balls are provided. Call ahead to reserve a tee time! When we were there I want to say it had to be after 4 PM to play!


9 Holes
Adult (walking): $20
Adult (with cart): $25
Youth (16 and under): $15

18 Holes
Adult (walking): $25
Adult (with cart): $35
Youth (16 and under): $20

Short Course (14 Holes)
$15 unlimited play per day for all ages (first-come, first-serve).
No tee time required — simply sign in at Valley Links golf shop to begin play.

4. Surrey Cart Ride

This is what I am talking about when it comes to good ole fashion family fun! Now listen, this wasn't as picturesque as it looks. It's actually much more difficult than it appears! But we sure had fun! Memories were made! You have to try it out! They also have lots of bikes for rent & have helmets in all different sizes for everyone in the family! 

5. Grab Some Ice Cream & Sit in a Rocking Chair

My absolute favorite part about French Lick is the porches on the hotels. They are massive & wrap around the fronts of them. They are lined with rocking chairs both adult AND child-sized, couches & tables. They almost beg you to sit & relax! There is a little window on the French Lick porch where you can order Ice Cream! Grab some & relax on a rocking chair!

6. Check Out the Kids Club

Since COVID, kids club is no longer "Kids Fest" but still offers lots of fun things for kids to do! They have coloring & other free activities as well as a kid's movie playing all the time. There are also great activities that you can pay to do as well! Make sure you stop in when you first arrive, they have fun scavenger hunts you can do around the property for a prize! We loved doing this on our last trip, too! Don't forget there is a bowling alley in the basement of French Lick with an arcade, too! You can see the bowling alley in my Christmas post HERE.

7. Take Trolley Ride

Just as we did in the winter, the trolley streetcar was ridden over & over again! This thing is so just neat & if you are in a rush to get to the other hotel or simply just want to ride it for fun it's so relaxing. The route is scenic & we always see a ton of deer on the way! 

8. Just Relax

One thing you can not, not do at the French Lick Resort is relax. This is one of my favorite places to go as a family for a reason. Time slows down, you get to spend good quality time together & relax & just be. 

We can't wait to get back to French Lick already! We've done Christmas & now summer, when should we go next?