We want to thank Ruby Falls for our tickets and having us for the day! We had an amazing time & made so many memories! 

 Ruby Falls with Kids | Chattanooga Family Road Trip | Things to Do in Tennessee

Let me paint a picture for you -- growing up we drove to Siesta Key, Florida every year from Indiana. Every year while Getting to the Tennesse and Georgia border there is approximately 5 thousand signs advertising Ruby Falls. Okay, I may be exaggerating but there is a lot. & honestly, they did a great job because I would sit in the back of our Astro van & dream of going. I asked every single year & every single year my dad would say "next year". But we never did. Then, my high school best friend moved to Florida. I flew down to see her & we road-tripped back to Indiana for her to stay for the summer. On the way home I told her we had to stop. So we get there & being the 18-year-olds that we were didn't look up anything ahead of time. I truly thought you walked up & saw the cave & were done. All of the reservations were gone for the day so we had to leave. THEN, in 2020 {right before covid} we for the first time decided to drive to Florida for our vacation. I made an itinerary & one-stop was Ruby Falls. Well, we didn't stop. So this summer I made an entire getaway to Chattanooga to see Ruby Falls. & it did NOT disappoint.

What is Ruby Falls?

It's a 145-foot underground waterfall located 1,120 feet below inside Lookout Mountain. Making larger underground waterfall in the US open to public. It was found by Leo Lambert who crawled for hours before he found it & named it after his wife. The story of Ruby Falls is told at the start of your tour & it's amazing. We became super enthralled with Ruby & Leo's Story.

What to know ahead of time:

Tickets are only sold online currently. {8/2021} I highly highly recommend buying your tickets days ahead of time. They have timed entry tickets.  Don't be like 18 year old me & get there & not be able to go in! You can purchase them online HERE

There are no restrooms once you descend underground. Make sure everyone uses it before you go!

They are open 8AM-8PM.

How much is it to see Ruby Falls?

Adults $22.95
Children $12.95

How much is parking?

Parking is free

How long does it take?

I would plan about 2.5-3 hours to be there. The tour takes about an hour and 20 mins. Depending on your guide, the people in your group etc. 

Okay, Tell Me More...

When you arrive you listen for your time to be announced & head to the cave tour area. You then take an elevator down 26 stories. It is SO neat. & it goes super fast. The elevator has a glass front so you see the rock from the mountain are you go down. 

You then take the walk to the waterfall. The walk there is so neat because you get to see formations, stalagmites & stalactites. You may even get a good luck "cave kiss" while walking through. On the way there you take the time to shortly stop at some formations before making it to the waterfall.

 Once you get to the waterfall they turn on the lights & it does a bit of a light show. Because of the timed entry tickets, you have only a short time at the waterfall. This was my least favorite thing about our visit. I wanna say it was less than 10 mins before they turn out the lights on you to leave. So take those pictures & videos fast! The families we were with really worked together to help one another take each other's photos to get it done quickly & still have time to take it all in & enjoy it. But, they do not mess around. There is no let me get one more pic real fast. It goes black as soon as the timer got off, & you can't see the waterfall!

How much walking is involved?

The walk is about a mile roundtrip. The path can be wet & it gets narrow in some parts. Brandon was wearing Bo our 7-month-old son, in a hiking carrier & had really configured himself in a few areas to fit. There are also some stairs. Because of this, unfortunately, the hike isn't wheelchair-friendly.

Can I wear my baby at Ruby Falls?

Carriers are permitted. As mentioned, my husband wore Bo on his back. & we were with another family that was wearing their son in a Tula front carrying. Just make sure you are wearing a good shoe so you have traction for balance since it can be slippery.

What ages are best for Ruby Falls?

I think any age would be fun here. Of course, you know your child best. Toddler age may be a little tricky with not being able to touch the formations. 

What should I wear?

The cave is always 60 degrees year-round. A great activity to stay cool if you go during the summer. As I mentioned it can be slippery, so I recommend a good comfortable shoe|.

Is Ruby Falls pet-friendly?

I know a lot of travelers who are passing through may have their dogs with them. While Ruby Falls itself you are not able to your dog in, Ruby Falls is amazing & offers shaded kennels available for free to you use! You just stop by the front desk & get a kennel lock. 

After you are all done with your tour there are still some things to do at Ruby Falls. You can go up the castle, which is made of the limestone taken out of the cavern to make way to the waterfall by the way & get some amazing view of Lookout Mountain. They also have a gift shop, restaurant & a place to zipline {addtional charge}.

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