We want to thank the Creative Discovery Museum for our tickets and for having us for the day! You were a favorite stop on our trip! 

Creative Discovery Museum | Chattanooga Family Road Trip 

We love going to different Children's Museums as we travel. Creative Discovery Museum on our Chattanooga trip was a great stop right in heart of the city! It's nationally ranked & it's clear to see why. There was something to do for all ages. There was even an area for, Bo! {7 months at the time of our visit} Brandon & I couldn't help but get in on the fun in some exhibits! If you have toddlers & elementary school-aged children this is a must-stop! It has everything you want in a children's museum, to be invited to touch, play & learn!

Plan your visit to Creative Discovery Museum:

Open daily from 10 AM-5PM

You can buy tickets right online HERE.

How much does it cost?

General Admission: $15.95
Military with ID: $9.95

How long should we plan to be there?

I would recommend at least 2 hours to really enjoy your visit & not feel rushed through the exhibits.

There are so many amazing exhibits to explore! They had a very large water table exhibit with a climbing exhibit right above it! The girls would come down, do some water play then head back up! This is the first exhibit as you enter & it packs a real punch getting the kids excited for the day! It is, however, hard to pry them away to want to go on! It's just so much fun right off the bat!

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Have little little ones along with you?

There is a whole area just for 4 & under with so much to do. I couldn't get over the super cute stroller parking area! Bo loved this. They an amazing job of keeping things clean! There are "ick boxes" at each crawling area so if a babe puts anything in their mouth you put it in there & it's almost like magic someone comes & sanitizes the toy!

As of course visit {7/2021} I will highlight our favorites though they are about to go under a major renovation we seen the plans for that will be offering so much more than I will highlight here!

If you have a dino lover they will love this exhibit! They have a huge sandpit to discover fossils! They even have costumes to dress up as a paleontologist!

They had a nice-sized nursing room available that I used to nurse Bo in. I was so thankful they had this as I had worn a dress I wasn't able to nurse in public!

My favorite thing about the Creative Discovery Museum was how incredibly hands-on it was. The girls made so many things from paper crafts to Kensley making nail art & Kennedy even sewed on an applique!

If you have a kiddo that has a hard time with auditory sensories, they have headphones available to check out! 

They also had a rooftop play area, a weather tower & so so many areas to make art.

If you want they even have a cafeteria on-site so you don't have to leave & stop playing to eat lunch or to grab on the way out! We had such a great time & I highly recommend this a must-stop in Chattanooga!

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