Shark Week Waffles

Anyone else have a house full of Shark Week lovers?
My girls love Shark Week, & honestly, I do too!

I love a theme, so when I saw these waffles we had to recreate them!
My girls were so tickled to eat these while watching Shark Week in the morning! Super easy & a crowd pleaser!

What you need:
2 Frozen Waffles {what we used because I am lazy, you can def use homemade waffles}
Cool Whip
Blue food dye

This seems silly to put the directions because it's pretty self-explanatory BUT
Make waffles.
Cut waffle #1  into 4's, making 4 round bottle "triangles"
Mix blue dye with cool whip
Use waffle #2 at the base, & frost with cool whip, then garnish with the fin err.. other waffle triangle!