Thank you to Hershey Park for hosting our family at the "sweetest place on earth"! We had a blast! As always, all views & opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting my blog &  family!

What you Need to Know about Visiting Hershey Park with Kids

We are a bit of theme park junkies as a family & we are thrilled to mark Hershey Park off our list!

Here is our guide to visiting Hershey Park with kids & having the best time at the sweetest place on earth!

1.  Preparing for your trip & Downloading the app

First, when planning your trip you're probably thinking how many days do I really need? My recommendation is 3 days to see everything. If you have a long weekend, make it 4!

Next, you want to purchase your Hershey Park tickets! You can do this at the park, or online!

You can even purchase them right on their app, which I recommend downloading before your trip! This will have a map, wait times & Hershey Park activities throughout your trip! Get a feel for the park through there before your trip. This place was HUGE. Truly, huge! Knowing where things are centrally located is going to be a huge help while you are there, you can also check to see if there is any Hershey Park discounts!

Then the day of your trip, arrive when the park opens. Actually, you really want to arrive well before it opens. This will get you a good parking spot & the chance to have lower wait times.

2. Stop at the official height station
Okay now that you have arrived, head over right over to the official height station! It's right up after the entrance [ast the first few shops, by the fountain & carousel. I know you're going to ask what age is best, but there truly is so much to do for every height!  This going to make it super easy to know which rides your kiddos can ride, it also takes the guess work out for the workers when you have the bracelet on! We have been to parks that the girls will be measured, ride the ride..turn around & go to ride it again & the worked won't let them on! This makes it so that won't happen! It also takes out disappoint for kids, they will see right away on each ride sign if they can ride!

3. Go to the BoardWalk
Make sure you pack a bathing suit & towels! There is an amazing waterpark INSIDE Hershey Park! There is so so much to do, we could spend an entire day just doing the water park attractions! They have lots of lockers, that are actually quite fancy, to keep all of your stuff in while you swim! Some of our faves were: the wave pool, splash pads, lazy river, & Hershey Pier. But, there is even fun water rides & slides for thrill-seekers!

4. Meet Characters
Be on the lookout for fun character for the kiddos to meet! This is the once chance you get to hug your favorite candy without it melting all over you ;)

5. Get some fun snacks
There are a TON of food options within Hershey Park. I mean, a TON. There is even a Chick-fil-a! We normally don't have huge appetites in amusement parks, but like to get fun memorable treats!
Number 1 is we LOVE crab fries, we don't have a Chickie & Pete's near us & we first tried them at Cedar Point & loved them! They are the perfect quick snack & so freaking good!

You HAVE to get a milkshake at Simply Chocolate! These things are art! Grab one for the whole family to share!

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6. Rides
Obviously, the main thing you are doing is rides! There are so many different options for every thrill level seeker in your family. But, make sure you go on the NEW Reeses Cupfusion ride! {think Toy Story Mania, for my Disney people} This line gets long, fast! But, it is so fun & worth it! I'd head there first thing when you arrive!

7. Zoo America
Ya'll there is a park within a park. So many people we talked to had NO idea there was a zoo within Hershey Park. You CAN visit the zoo by itself, but admission is included in your Hershey Park admission. This zoo is so freaking neat & it's really cool because all of the animals are from North America!

8. Seal Show
I know what you're thinking.. A seal show? Yeah, they have that too.

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