Back to School Backpack Review: Bixbee

Super excited to share with you the girls' backpacks for this school year!
Finding a good quality backpack is hard to find, & not only did I find that here-- but I love the company & what it does as well!
Double score!

Enter, Bixbee backpacks

First Bixbee backpacks are super Lightweight, comfortable and durable, at just 1.3 pounds. Perfect for keeping unnecessary weight off kids’ back and shoulders.

You will notice that Bixbees are horizontal rather than vertical. This is actually better for kiddos! Professionals say that a backpack should rest right at the curve of their backs. It always helps that put their books in with the spine up, so it's easier to see!

Bixbee's Ergonomic Tip: The backpack should rest no more than 4 inches below the waistline (bellybutton) and 1-2 inches below the shoulders.

 This with the contoured air-mesh adjustable shoulder straps with a sliding sternum strap will distribute the load optimally over the shoulders. Heavy books aren't such a issue for us right now. But they will be bringing home chrome books, & it's good to know if they were bringing home anything heavy it isn't hurting their backs negatively. The straps also have a reflective strip, & has a cute little zipper that is the perfect spot for lunch money!


They have cute little beehive zipper pulls that are perfect for little hands!

They have tons of pockets {i think you can see at least 4 just in the photo above if you look hard}, & a spot inside for a tablet or laptop.

I also love that the corners are reinforced, to help with durability! 
There is a TON of different styles & prints! My girls couldn't pass up the glitter!


Now that we have talked about the backpack itself lets talk about the company!
For every backpack you buy, they donate one!
Their Mission:
"Our “One Here. One There.” social mission allows us to collaborate with local and far-reaching non-profits that provide children in need access to education. As a certified B Corp, we are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Bixbee works with select non-profit organizations to support areas with high levels of need. It is important to us that the whole community benefits from our program, so we select organizations that can source and/or produce the backpacks with supplies locally. Our program unites a community of givers!"

So not only do you get a cute, durable backpack that will fit properly on your kiddos back, you make a difference too! I couldn't ask for anything more!

For reference, both girls are wearing the size MEDIUM backpack.