Thank you to Crayola Experience for hosting our family for a fabulous day! All views & opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting my blog &  family!

10 Things to do at Crayola Experience in Pennsylvania

We had such a blast at Crayola Experience in Easton, PA!

There is so much to do, & I am going to break it down so you can plan your visit!

Start by checking their special offers for any discounts you maybe able to use!

First, get there early. Because of our traveling schedule, we got there mid-day & it was pretty packed, leaving long lines for some of the attractions that we were not going to wait for.

IF you are arriving late check out their special offers to see if you can get a discount!

When arriving, within your GPS put in the parking garage. You will go through a little square where you will see the front & an entrance. I would not waste your time looking for a parking space there, go around the roundabout and follow the Crayola Experience sign to the parking garage. This is where you will see the Crayon walkway & giant Crayon box. You will be able to go out front where you passed to get pictures with the giant marker & crayon later! & for sure make sure you take time to head out there because it makes for the cutest photos!

When you arrive, you will get some tokens upon your entrance or when you purchase your tickets. Keep those handy to use on what you choose during your visit!

Take it from our visit, & I would go up the elevator to the top... then make your way down. We did the opposite & decided it would have been best to start from the top!

There are several attractions you can do!

1. Meet Characters
This tickled the girls to death to meet a real-life Crayon!

2. Color Magic
Color Magic super neat way to bring your drawing to life & make them an animation! This technology is so cool! We saw so many parents watch their kids do it, then go & do it themselves! SO neat!

3. Color Playground
This is a great area to let your kiddos run & have a blast! It's a huge indoor playground!

4. Selfie Station
My girls love a selfie, so they loved this attraction, where they go to bring their selfie to life & make them look silly or super stylish!

5. Melt Down, Melt Mold & Drip Art
These three were both on the same floor! The drip art had too long of a line, so we did just the Melt Down! You go around to the stations with the color that you want & use a heat pen that melts the crayon to make art! This was so fun, that Brandon & I got in on the fun! Something was so satisfying about how the melted crayon glided on the paper! ha!

6. Water Works
I don't care how old your kiddos are, 9 xs out of 10 the old saying "just add water" will always still produce a happy kiddo! My girls LOVED this. You take a boat from one end of the "city" to the other. There are fun locks, levys ect to go through & the girls loved racing their boats up the bridges!

7. Scribble Scrubbies
This new attraction was my girl's favorite, I think. Well, they probably would have loved it more if I had explained it accurately. You pick an animal to color. & then you wash it off, showing how you can continually color it any way you want then do it again after you wash it off. Well, I totally didn't explain it accurately so they were pretty mortified that their hard work was being washed away! LOL BUT overall, they loved this!! 

8. Coloring, Painting, oh my!
There are a TON of opportunities to make art & color. Colossal Caddy has thousands of crayons around a big table for you to color. Paint Palette my girls got to paint, & they had a super cool machine you can put your paper through to quickly dry so you can move on to the next attraction! There is also a molding area for clay, you can get the clay from nothing other than an clay vending machine! How freaking cool is that!?

9. Wrap It Up
Okay, THIS was the most favorite attraction of them all.. I lied up there.
This is where you can make your own crayon! You find a computer with the color you want, make sure you walk around because at first, we thought there was only one color available, each station has different colors! Then you choose what you want your crayon to say if you want an icon etc. It prints out your sticker & your crayon! Then you take it over to wrapping station. This is how they used to wrap every crayon back in the day by hand! So crazy! 

10. Tons more!

If you can believe it, I didn't touch on all of the attractions offered! Not to mention the little bits of history along the way!
There is a cafe in the building so you truly, can spend the whole day there & not have to leave.
There such fun interactive games for the whole family to do together!
There is also "big blue" which is the world's largest crayon that you have to check out! 
Make sure you check out the Crayola Store on the way out, the merch is so fun & cool!

I always like to add in if the places we visit are nursing friendly, & I was thrilled to find that Crayola had a nursing room!