48 Family Dinner Table Conversation Starters

Most of us in the season of life where our children our having real conversation with us, are also in the "busy" season of life.
To & from practices, homework, just go go go all.the.time.

Dinner time sometimes, isn't at home. But when it is, I try my very best to make sure we are all siting down at the table. Electronic off, TV off, sitting at a actual table.
5 days out of the week, it is just the girls & I for dinner. & even when Brandon is home, we sit down & we are unwinding from the day, errr trying to quickly eat before we have to get up & get a child seconds..another drink..wipe up a spilled drink..pray ect..& I really want to make sure we have great, meaningful conversations. But sometimes, its hard to come up with how to get started for those conversations to happen when your mind is still going a mile per minute. & the everyday "how was your day?" just doesn't cut it because you were met with the same answer "I don't know" everyday. Amirite?

That's where these conversation starters some in handy! & don't think they need to be limited to just dinner! I made these first for a friend of mine & she keeps her in her car for their after school drive!

 Print them out & cut them into squares. We put them in a little pail to take them from. Sometimes we do one, & it leads into lots of conversations. & sometimes we like to pick a few of them to keep going!

I hope you enjoy & get some good talks in at the dinner table!

Download them Below: