Strawberry Trifle

I am not sure why but every Easter our dessert always involves angel food cake. I don't know if that is an actual thing for Easter so that is why we always do, or if it just became a thing with our family? Who knows, I like it!

Anyway, I wanted to do something different this year with it & decided to do a trifle!

Trifles themselves really no matter what you are using in them, whether it's sweet or savory, just look so pretty. So that is a plus for a visual pleaser like myself.

The great thing about this dessert is, it isn't Easter exclusive. This dessert will be perfect all spring & summer long! Just image with some blueberries how cute this will be for the 4th of July.

It was so light & refreshing! Great for after you have a big meal like Easter dinner or a big cook-out this summer!

What you need:
-Angel Food Cake cut into cubes
-Whipped cream {I made my own, I'll add the recipe below}
-Fruit of choice
-Optional: vanilla or cheesecake pudding 

This is so easy peasy you going to wonder why I even need to put the direction on here!
It's all about the layering. I started off with whipped cream, but you can choose which you want to start with! Then you just start layering. Angel-food cubes, fruit, whipped cream, rinse repeat! I lined the side of the strawberry layer with them pressed up to the glass just for looks! 

You want the top layer to whipped cream, then layer on fruit for the topper. I only cut off the leaves on the top of the strawberries for the top, as opposed to slicing them like I did through out. I just thought it made it look super pretty!

Homemade Whipped Cream

Again super easy!

What you need:
-Mixer or whisk {you're going to want a mixer though, but maybe you just have better arm muscles than me}
-Heavy Whipping Cream

Pour heavy whipping cream into a bowl.
With mixer or whisk, mix for a few minutes until fluffy. 
Add sugar to taste!