Easter Basket Guide For Girls

Easter is right around the corner.
I am unsure how since it was seriously just the longest January known to man, then I am unsure we even did February.
 March was only 2 weeks long,
But somehow we are in April. *shrugs*

When it comes to Easter baskets, I like to try to stay away from candy.
We do the surprise eggs but that really is about it.
Well, besides last year. I sent Brandon to the store for something last minute the night before Easter & ya'll this man came back with TWO ginormous Twix candy bar eggs. I couldn't believe it, he is the candy police. So I would him imagine him getting you know a normal size to small size candy, but nope. These puppies were as big as my head!

Anyway, so we like to keep candy minimal. & Christmas is really the only time the girls get toys or gifts, so for Easter I like to get fun little gifts of things they may have mentioned they wanted. I really like tying some sort of toy for outdoors to get excited for warm weather starting, since those things aren't typically on their Christmas lists.

So I put together some great ideas for your girls' or boys Easter baskets!

1. Scented Markers - Honestly, if you didn't love scented markers as a kid we can't be friends! We always get the girls some sort markers/crayons, & these are fun change from the classic marker. These color changing markers are always a favorite with the girls too, & me...I have fun with them too! LOL

2. Galaxy Night Light - A fun take on a night light! It projects stars & the moon on the ceiling at night! 

3.  Sunnies - Warm weather is upon us..I hope! If your kids are anything like mine they probably lost their sunglasses from last summer. Perfect time to get new ones, & I want these frames for myself!

4. Umbrella - Easter means Spring, & Spring means rain! This umbrella is the cutest!

5. Calico Critter Bunnies - So many toys lose the interest of my girls pretty quickly, but one thing has been consistently picked up to be played with every time they play & is never forgotten & that is their Calico Critters! & they are bunnies.

6. Bunny Water Bottle - You can kinda see by the list, I like to add some practical things they need & that I am going to have to get any way to their baskets. We are always using water bottles & this glass bunny water bottle is perfect for a Easter gift!

7. Makeup Set - This fake makeup set is so cute! It looks the most like mommy's make up & less like true fake princess make up! Which makes the girls so happy that they can pretend to do make with stuff that looks just like mommy's!

8. Bunny Purse - I don't even know what else to say, it's a bunny purse. What more need to be said!

9. PoGo Ball Board - A fun take on a PoGo stick, you bounce on the board just like a stick but without anything to hold on to! It's hard to explain, you will have to check it out! A fun outdoor game!

10. Zip Ball - Who remembers this thing? I loved this when I was younger & played with it all the time! Another fun outdoor game to get them excited about the weather warming up!

11. Magnetic Dress Up Doll - This is so adorable! & perfect for in the car! It's like paper doll dress up but with a cute cat & less paper cuts!

12. Scavenger Hunt - My girls love scavenger hunts, but sometimes my mind goes blank on what to send them to go find! This game makes it easy & it for the outdoors!

13. AquaBeads - These are so fun! Having a case to keep them contained & have so many is the perfect!

14. LOL Surprise Eggs - I am going to go ahead & assume that if you have a girl, they are obsessed with LOL like my girls! How fun are these? Chocolate eggs with little tiny LOL dolls inside!