Air Fryer Donuts

I finally got on the air fryer wagon..yesterday.
 {if you don't have one, this is the one I got & so far so good}
& I had to put it to use first thing this Sunday morning!
I mean I don't want to say I am pro already, but this seemed like a great gateway recipe for my first!

If all things are as easy to make as these donuts, I will be making every meal in this sucker ha!

What you will need:

Air Fryer {obvs}
Spray Coconut Oil
Can of  Pilsbury Grands Flaky Biscuits
Cinnamon & Sugar mixture
Melted Butter


First, make a hole in your biscuits. I use a child medicine cup, it was the perfect size! Save the middles for donut balls!

Next, you want to spray your fryer with coconut oil. You don't want to use PAM cooking spray as it will damage your basket.

Put the donuts in the basket, space them so they are not touching. I can fit 3 in my 2.6 QT.

Cook/Fry them in at 350 for 5-6 min

Once they are done, brush on the melted butter then roll in cinnamon & sugar mixture.

Serve warm! & with a glass of milk ;)

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