Is Memory Maker worth it?

First, let's start with what Memory Maker is! Because believe it or not, there was a time I visited Disney World without any prior planning. Like bought my tickets at the TTC, & had no idea what memory maker was til end of the trip! So, I know some of you may not know either!

Memory Maker is Disney Worlds photo service. As soon as you enter any of the Disney World parks you will see PhotoPass photographers. They are the ones getting your photos in front of the castle. But, they are many more places than just in front of the park icons, like the AK tree or Epcot's Space Ship Earth! I mean, I didn't count but I swear we would see them every several feet. They are even stationed at some character dining, & now if you see any photo booths around property all of those photos go to your memory maker too!

Now let's get to a huge question, I get a lot & that I know a lot of you have wondered during your trip it worth it?

Now, I myself, am a professional photographer. So, I feel like I am the best person to ask this question to.

I, like many other parents, come armed at the park with multiple cameras. Yeah, plus my phone.
 So, some people may be surprised when I tell them that, we always buy memory maker.

Why get Memory Maker?

The number 1 perk of memory maker?
 I get to be in the shot
That alone is enough for me. & yes you can hand off your camera to the Photo Pass cast member, but the convenience of this alone sold me.

Next, you get special magic shots!
These are always fun because you get to see the Cast Members creativity too! These shots you really have no idea what they are til after the "magic" is done, unless the CM tells you or you ask them. You may have seen some of these shots before, they are pics of kids with their hands out and Tinkerbelle inside. Or fun characters in the background of photos. We love them, & always ask our photo pass CM's what magic shots they have available.

Not only do you get still frame photos from memory maker, now you even get ride photos AND videos! Our favorite ride video is the way they do the 7 Dwarves Mine Train video. 
You can also get fun animations on your still photos.

How do I get the photos?

After you get your photo taken by a photo pass CM, you are simply tap your magic band on their little device. In, some cases, like Belles Enchanted Tales, you get a little card that you simply scan or input the numbers into your MDE app!

You can view your photos right on your MDE app too! For us, they are always uploaded almost instantly & we love being able to see them right after they happen. Or upload them to social media!

When you arrive home, you log into your MDE on your computer or laptop. Click on Memory Maker & there is simple step by step instructions on how to download all your photos!


How much does Memory Maker Cost?
The cost:

I think this what makes people wonder if it's worth it. For me, pictures are generally always worth the price. But hey, I kinda do this for a living. 
So I understand that some are cocking their heads at the price.

Currently, as of 4/2019, You can purchase your memory maker in advance of your trip at the price of $149. When you arrive, & thereafter the price goes to $169. & if you buy neither, & want to download any of the photos they are $14.95 each.

So I am not great at math, but our last two trips we have come home with roughly 350+ photos alone, that's without any videos. So, that puts each photo at around 42 cents each for the advance purchase price. 

So my answer is, YES Memory Maker is worth it.