I heard from so many people that loved that my Christmas playlist, with the help of Spotify I put together the perfect playlist for Valentines day! 💓 As Kensley says when listening, "these songs are just so lovey" & she right! This playlist has been on repeat in the kitchen, when"The Greatest Showman" isn't on that is! The girls will say "Alexa, play my valentines day playlist"! It's also been on in the car to dance! 

Here are the girls favorite top 3 picks.
Kennedy: Sugar, Sugar, L-O-V-E {Nat King Cole Version} & If I Ain't Got You
Kensley: Another vote for Sugar, Sugar, As Long as You Love Me {Backstreet Boys baby!} & A Your Adorable
They both had a very hard time not choosing Baby Love by The Supremes, so they wanted me mention that! ;)

As you can see, it has a little bit of everything, plus Dolly Parton & Backstreet Boy because..well every good playlist should. 


& because I know I will get asked, the phone case was a Christmas gift from my friend Kara; but you can purchase it HERE!

IMPORTANT: For best results, play on shuffle! I promise cranking this up will mostly ensue a dance party in the living room or kitchen.

If you use this playlist let me know! Tag me in your dance parties or it playing in your home so I can repost!
You can hear the playlist on Spotify by clicking HERE, or below!