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It's no secret I am a bit of a face mask whore. If you follow me on IG, you will more than likely see me in a mask or using my light therapy mask in my stories!

I have gone through alot of masks. I've burnt my skin with them, & even literally torn off my skin with some. Yes, those peel masks. Just don't. Take it from me. Any peel you should be doing should be being put on by a dermatologist. It's only tearing off your skin & causing damage. BUT alas, I'll get off my skin high horse & get back to my faves.

Like most of us I spent the better part of my teenage life tanning. Yall, so much tanning. So, so much. At one point I was tanning twice a day. Listen..I know. I don't know what I was thinking. Any tan that you should get should be from a can. & lord do I love my spray tans. Anyway, I messed up my face so so much. & I am constantly trying to do things to better my skin aside from a good skin care regimen.

So through my trials I bring you my favorite face masks that I have in rotation to save you the time & pain (quite litterly)

Before I get started let me preface by saying while uploading these pics, Kensley walked in & asked if I was naked in these photos, completely appalled {& rightly so} But I promise I am not, half are with a tank on the other half I'm in a wrap towel out of the shower, promise!

1. Tula
This is newer mask of the lineup for me! It only stays on for about 5 minutes which makes this my weekday go to. You leave it on for a bit then when you rinse it over you move your fingers in circular motion to really get your face exfoliated! It's super gentle so I don't have to work out redness or anything after! It contains probotics & just over all makes your skin feel good afterwards. I have just started their entire skin regimen & can't get enough. This one is more pricey than the other but it my top recommended! 

2. Loreal
Loreal sent me some samples of this mask line before it came out last year. I really loved all of the masks, but this  Pure Clay one was my fave, although I use the others. I use a face mask brush for this because the clay really gets under your nails & just isn't fun to get off your hands.This sucker has been my saving grace. I has really helped my complexion, that thanks for ongoing medications has suffered. This sucker gets deep in your pores, & I don't even have large pores. It brigthens my skin & makes it feel more firm. It gives a good tingle, which i'm unsure happens for everyone. But the tingle really makes me feel like its working ya know? For all that it does I love the price tag! 

Oh HEYYY pores!
I had to try this, mostly because of peer pressure. Everybody & their brother has been using this mask. Don't shoot me yall. But I don't get it. It was a good mask & feel it was semi comparable to the Loreal I mentioned it above. It left my face very soft, & I did love it, But it isn't only in my current rotation so I can use it up. 

4. E.L.F
This is the most affordable of the bunch. The packaging on this is my fave. It has a little push down dispenser which is so easy & mess free. I super love it. This does not bubble up like the ones you see on youtube but it does get a good bubble to it! Your have to start with a pretty wet face for it to bubble!  I use this often, even to just to remove my makeup. It doesn't need to stay on very long at all. I was about to go on about how its main asset is how freaking hydrating this mask is {hello winter dryness, amirite?} & then I look at the dang bottle & right there it says "Hydrating Bubble Mask" ha! This is def a keeper & will be kept on my counter!

These defiantly aren't completely elimating all my skin problems, but she defiantly are helping it & making it easier to makeup-less! Have you tried any of these before? You will have to let me know what you think if you end up using any!

& Here's a post mask selfie, that I can't believe I am posting; but its turns out your skin feels incredibly soft after doing 4 masks back to back in one day haha!

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