Valentine's Day is almost here! Before we know it is time for sending Valentines to school. I know I may be in the minority but I live for any & all holidays. & that means, my little holiday heart lives for crafts like Valentines. This year for my girls we have a mix of JoJo Siwa Valentines, & pre packaged DIY Valentines the girls had to have going down the Valentines isle freshly after Christmas! {let's hope I can find where I stashed them since then ha!} 

BUT that didn't stop me from putting together a roundup of my fave easy DIY Valentines for you that are prime-able {thats a word right? If not, it should be} for convenience. Because honestly, what the point if you can't prime it! All of these just our one item & a quick printable, easy peasy!

I mean the title says it all! These play-doh valentines are so cute! Any kids, just about any age will love this Valentine! Here you can get a party pack of 15!

I love that this one, is A. obviously they are super funny but also B. they are not super lovey dovey. I get obviously the point of Valentines is love. But, I feel sometimes the sayings on Valentines are so awkward to be putting  in my preschool & first grader's backpacks, ya know? You can get a pack of 24 whoopee cushions here!

This one is so yummy. I don't think I know a single soul that doesn't love starburst. Well besides the yellow ones of course. I am not always a huge a fan of candy Valentines, but this just one piece! This one does take a teeny bit more than just a printable. But I love that your child can help out doing the stamp. Of course you could sub it for anything else, or even not do it at all.

I know what you are thinking...bubbles? No thanks. But, guys..its a holiday. & every child loves bubbles! & I know what you thinking, its still bubbles. But heres the best part, this is like 5 blows worth of bubbles. & If your child is anything like mine they will spill 80% of it anyway. Your child gives a super cool Valentine, & every mom in the class won't hate you ;)

And where you have it! My top easy, prime-able Valentines!  If you order today you will have them before the weekend! They will be good to go to for Valentines parties next week! Also: Some of them used twine to secure the objects onto the printables, click here to use what I do & love! Now, I am off to find those Valentines.....