Our laundry has gotten more revamps than I think the rest of the house! Each time though I didn't really love, love it and its functions just didn't stick. I've been revamping all my organization "systems" in the entire house this past month. And since our laundry room is more of a hallway, it was one of the first spaces I started on. 

I went really out of my comfort zone with choosing wallpaper and the bold, for me, print! I am so glad I did! It really livens up the space! Like I said, my Laundry room isn't a room at all. It's a hallway, you enter it from the kitchen, then the wall directly in front of the washer/dryer is the garage door. If you keep walking from the kitchen right through it leads to powder room. It is a very "seen" part of the house, so keeping it neat & tidy is a must as guests can see it & have to walk through to to get to the powder room.

Before I was trying to decorate and organize but concentrated on it being pretty! And while, that still was a big factor. I had to get systems that work better for me. So much big hocking jars had to go. I replaced them with baskets. I re organized the drawers underneath the washer and dryer and put my fundamentals on top in a easy to grab tray! This tin totally pulls in my "farmhouse" vibe & is completely functional, I put all of my laundry pods in it! It also came with a scoop for those that use powder!

 Here was the closest thing I could find to a before picture from a few years ago:

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I say this all the time but I truly mean it. I really feel like even the most mundane spaces should be pretty in your home. Whatever "pretty" means to you! Since I spend so much time washing clothes, why not make this space, a happy place for me while I'm cursing the millions of loads?? It makes me want to keep it clean and organized more. I mean, I'm still not going to be thrilled with doing the laundry. But, you get what I mean ;)

I realize now I probably should have taken photos of the organization I did in the baskets & drawers, so if you would like to see that please let me know in the comments! Overall, I really am in love with this space. I think the wallpaper is a bold but neutral statement to make that hallway pleasing to the eye but neutral enough to be a hallway that gets alot of traffic!