I grew up with friday night always being a movie or game night. It started out with just some Americans Funniest Home Videos ala Bob Saget, it was wrapped up with Americas Most Wanted, & COPS. ha! But most the time, we got to pick a VHS from the tiny video store rental part of our small town grocery. We were allowed to get a Cream Soda Faygo, & 99.9% of the time we choose Funyons as our snack. It is something my mom always did, we generally order pizza or could pick out what we wanted for dinner. I will always remember the rush of getting off the bus on Friday knowing it was movie night, I could have a Cream Soda & spend time with my sister! 

Life is so busy for us. We have kinda always have had a movie/game night. But, last year I made a conscious effort to make sure we did it routinely. We needed a time at home, to slow down & just be together.Which is where #mfamilyfridays begun. We make pizza almost every Friday. We make our own dough & the girls make their own with their own toppings & Brandon & I make our own. For dessert (there always has to be dessert) we switch between root beer floats & more recently we make our own banana split bar. The girls countdown til Friday. They love it so much. We vote on a movies & games. & its seriously the best time of the week. Every single one of us enjoys it so much.

With dance season upon us, every Friday is going to be just whenever we can fit it in. Like this weekend, our #mfamilyfridays ended up on a Saturday. & that's okay. Since it is going to be a little more scarce, I am switching things up a little bit the next few weeks & taking you along with us! Our movie nights will be completely themed (because I loooove a good theme) down to food & other elements. Each week I'll most a menu ect for you all try yourself with your family! 

This week it was Lady & The Tramp! Just in time for the new release of the movie! You can preorder it HERE before February 20,2018!

The girls knew we were watching Lady & The Tramp but I didn't tell them anything else. I love a good surprise ;) So I sent them upstairs & set everything up for them to come down.

First I laid out the iconic red & white checkered table cloth on the coffee table.(we also always eat whatever food we eat in the living room while watching a movie, another part that makes it fun for the girls)  I used a Chianti wine bottle with a basket bottom, which was rather hard to track down. I wish I could find a link for you to easy order & save yourself this hassle. I tried the wine so it wouldn't be a complete waste of just using it for a candle holder. & it tasted like garbage. Luckily, the wine is super affordable so it wasn't a total waste.

I used the stuffed animals, Lady & Tramp to finish the look with of course some hanging spaghetti noddles between them! I swear this was their favorite part because I am a mean mom and never let them get stuffed animals! haha & of course added a spaghetti dinner!

I couldn't find our exact projector, we just upgraded our old one this year. But this one seems very similar. I flip the living room around every week so we can use the blank wall as a screen!

I hope everyone enjoyed & can use these ideas on their movie nights! Im excited to share with you all! I would love some suggestions on movie you would like us to do! Leave them below!

This is give our attempt at taking a family in pitch black room lolol