I never took us a hamster kind of family.
We like our dog. Was content with our dog.
Til Kensley, oh sweet sister; she LOVES cats.
I mean this girl's, bat-shiz crazy over them. She SQUEALS with such excitment when she see one anywhere...a book, a commercial or god forbid in real life.
Girlfriend looked as though sweet baby Jesus himself, had come into her body when the Kitten Bowl was on, for petes sake.

I never wanted a cat, but seeing my girls face, whenever SHE saw one was enough for me to become the next cat lady.

We thought we had daddy talked into it, first we asked, second by just telling..no dice. I even may or may not have orchestrated a drop a kitten at the front door; that we would just happen to find it & well we couldn't just not  not keep it right? Well my conscience just couldn't do that.

So daddy said we could get something smaller, okay a bunny. Daddy: NO. After much debate, a hamster is what we all settled on.

We went to the pet store, sister got to pick out her own hamster.
Cue, Penelope the teddy bear hamster.

She was thrilled.
This photo? Above? 
Let me tell you what was happening during this photo.
We got the hamaster at a seperate store than which we bought the supplies for.
We left Penelope in the car, running with the heat on in her little box that they give you  to put your hamster in; for about 7-10 minutes.
We return to the car....THERE IS A HOLE IN THE BOX.
& no effin hamster in the box.
I seriously freak out.
The thing is no where to be found.
Finally after sometime the little shit sticks it head out from the underdash.
I wont get into the anger at which Brandon & I then built up for this, just 20 minutes ago adorable little rodent hamster. But, im sure you can imagine.
We did however get it to come out, & put that sucker into its new pink glitterly ball for the rest of our trip home.
 If you think this is when the fun ends with little escapee, I urge you to read on..

The girls our obsessed. they ask to put the thing in any & all things. Evidence:
it ended up loving this little car & fell asleep for quite sometime. See: sleepy eyes.

There is really nothing funnier to my girls than putting the hamster on the Kilp Klop castle & watching it run up & down the tracks.
Not only do the girls love it.
But our pitbull, Amara is completely in love with it.
She generally loves any small creatures, kittens, bunnies {she rescued a couple last spring}
So naturally, she loves Penelope.

We have something else to talk about with Penelope though, yall.
Last night, 10 til mid night Brandon walks downstairs.
I hear a "what the...."
But nothing to follow
A few minutes go by, & hear him call up the stairs:
"uh babe got a quick question for you"
"WHY was the rat out?"
We have checked the cage a half a dozen times, & we still aren't postive how this thing got out.
Not to mention the atleast 3-4ft drop it had to endevour from falling from the shelf it was on.
I mean how.

These are just a few glances at our new life, with dear Penelope; I won't mention the amount of poop one 4 inch ball of fluff can produce.
 No, I won't.
When things like happen, I think of the joy the girls have for this little creature & the way they say "hell-a-pee".
But really? 

We should have just gotten the damn cat.