So I made this awesome get well basket from my Mother in Law.
Like it was adorable.
Imagine it, this adorable basket, with all of your get well essentials: Tissues, soup, Cough drops...
Are you picturing it..Good. Cause I totally spaced getting a picture of this adorable thing.
I did, however get pictures of a pretty adorable component.
I knew what I wanted to put in the basket, everything I would want in a get well basket, but I need to make her smile. She was awful sick.
Get Well Pill Cookies in a Jar

Here is a short but sweet how to:
Sugar cookies dough, how ever you wanna make it! It took me awhile to get the size I wanted.
Now looking back I should have made the bigger ones to fill the jar better. I used all my dough & only got about half of the jar full :/
Next, I made my own frosting with powdered sugar. However you make it/buy it I just used food coloring to make the colors I wanted. I used combos of, red & white, red & blue, & solid white. I thought they looked most like pills.
The Rx label printable can be found HERE!