Gosh, I haven't done a link up in so long!
When I saw this on Laura's blog I thought it looked to be fun!

The questions?
1. What is your morning routine?
Check on the girls. Coffee. Watching GMA. More coffee. Wait for the girls to wake up. Clean up. Wait more for the girls. More coffee. Finally wake up the girls cause im bored. {they would sleep in til 1030 every day if I allow them {some days I do} they love their sleep!
2. Are you on Instagram? yes
 If so, what is your username? @mrsmumaw
 Who are 3 of your favorite IGers? jeepers, that's tough but if I HAD to pick:
3. Please tell us 1-3 of your daily “must read” bloggers.
my religious reads are:
Enjoying the Small Thing
but gosh, I really just love everyone in my reader. They kinda all are my must reads.
4. Tell us a little about you and your family.
I have 2 girls, 18 months apart. We are crazy, not in the sense that like coo-coo crazy; but like we are the family in walmart with the kids dancing singing down the isles. The ones you see at the restaurant wondering if you want to laugh at how cute the kids are being or annoyed at them. That's us. My hands are full. But, my heart is fuller. & I wouldn't want it any other way.
5. What are your favorite holiday traditions?
We cut down our Christmas tree every year. That is probably the one that sticks out the most. Its always the weekend after Thankgiving, I look forward to it so much!
6. Tell us one random fact about you! Make it fun!
I got married TWICE to my husband, within a few months of each other! No divorce in between.