You can see Kennedy Cinderella birthday party from last year HERE

Approaching Kennedys birthday I had the perfect "theme" picked out it was something she loved! & I had a long list of adorable-ness for her party! But, she one day straight up told us she wanted a Ariel party. Now, right now today? It was certainly easy to get tons of Ariel party thing? Months ago? Nada. The Little Mermaid hadn't been released in 10 years outta the vault so Ariel things were scarce. Honestly, Kennedy hadn't really even known of Ariel except when she made an appearance in some of our princess books. But. when my girls asks for a certain birthday party, she gets that party.
There happened to be oh you know predicted tornadoes that day! We were so afraid no one would be able to make but luckily everyone but one family was able! & we are so thankful yall did come! Luckily, it just ended up be a real windy thunderstorm here & all we well!
I didn't get very many pictures as I was crazy nervous about the storms, so barely with scarce photos!
Here we gooooo!
Turning THREE under the SEA!

The cake was supposed to have a purple bra. To match kennedys dress & Ariel. It came to me with blue. I know that it isn't a big deal; but it was royally pet peeving me. I tried to change in photoshop just to satsify myself; but it looked fake. So when looking at this, imagine it purple for me ;)

I got a pack of all the characters, & put each in a bowl with blue marble rocks around the desert table!
These were a big hit! Marshmallows dipped in colored white chocolate!

Clam, Pearl cookies: Shortbread {you could do sugar} cookies, pink icing in the middle & a pearl sixlet for the center :)

The "sea weed" was variously thru the house. Just different shades of green streamers twisted & taped.
 Thank you gift center!

Coloring Pages with packs of markers

 The Birthday Girl!!