Well friends.
I am officially that, mom.
The "elf on the shelf mom".
Ohhhh I remember being pregnant with Kennedy when I heard of this thing & could.not.wait.
Last year, I thought would be our first year. But we really wanted to start it when they both could at least kinda "get it"!
This year was our year, & boy are ALL of us excited!
I kinda tested the grounds with Kennedy prior to our elf's arrival!
We are  in full swing for all thing Christmas! So, I just let her know Santa was sending a elf here!
Then, one day; a elf on the shelf commercial came on & she said MOM MY ELF MY ELF!
Gosh, she is smart. 
So I told her yup, your gonnna get one in a few days!
Gosh, this thing makes easy bedtimes.
"your elf will be here soon, you better get to get bed to start a new day"
Then we got Kensley saying "elf" she doesn't quite "get it" but boy can sister point out a  elf & santa where ever we go
I told Kennedy we needed to named him, & asked what his name will be at dinner as a famiily.
Promptly she replies "SPRINKLES".
Spinkles it is.
We watched the "elf story" the day before so she got some of the ground rules!

& then it was time for Sprinkles grand entrance.
So what better way, than a over the top; as-much-sugar-as-you-can-consume breakfast? 
I mean really?
Of course.
I had lots of questions about where everything is from ect. I am going to do my best to remember links & where everything is from :)

I searched far & wide for these suckers.
Of course they were at the one Walmart I didn't go to.
The girls woke up & had to follow a string to the jammies with the letter from Sprinkles. It pretty much just said what she does & to put on the jammies & come to downstairs to meet her!
Coming downstairs!

checking stuff off out in her just woke up state.
"be nice" bunting banner

Personalized elf on the shelf plate I just mod podged the paper to the back on the a clear plate.
I added red dye to the mod podge to put on the outside of the plate, to make it look more festive.
Candy Cane silverware, is from Target!

Fruit Candy Cane & Snowman Donuts
I couldnt find small mugs for the girls small hands. But finally came across these at the dollar tree. I used just sharpie for the snowman face.
Inside I made Hot White Chocolate ! Recipe:

is just white chocolate {like the candy not bakers} cut into pieces then simmered in the milk on the stove til melted. It was delicious!

We ate, listened & dance to the chipmunk christmas soundtrack!

no highchair sister, stood & ate the whole time 
Gosh, it was so wonderful.
So many memories were made.
It was the best kick off to the holiday season!
To many more, welcome breakfasts!