Hi Ya'll!
I am Tara!
Im trying to think of a neat way to talk about myself with something that you cant read on my side bar, or by clicking "our story" & I have no idea where to start.  

First, I am fresh {almost 7 months in} to being a 2 under 2 momma. Let me tell you, hardest thing I have ever done. Since my oldest {Kennedy} was still very much a "baby" it made the first 6 month of my life TOUGH.& now with "terrible twos" more then settling into my luntic toddler & the other now moblie into everything; makes for a comical day. Im still learning new tricks, tweaks in our schedule to get thru the day without a tantrum & a screaming baby daily.
I feel like mostly since this is my outlet, it sounds very much like complaining about this amazing life ive been dealt. So when I read from Becky "write something challenging you at the moment" I thought OH, I can do that. But decided no, Im gonna change it up a little. 

While most days, I am counting down the seconds til my husband walks thru door from work; there are days  that make the "bad days" so worth it.

Having 2 under 2 has it challenges but if also has it advantages. I get to see my girls interact in ways Ive never seen longer spaced out siblings. The way my youngest {Kensley} looks at my oldest, is unreal in itself. She is constant in awe of her, trying to mimic things that she does. If Kennedy is in the room, Kensleys eyes are locked on her. She is doing things by leaps & bounds & I know its because of her sister, she longs to get up & go with her & I can't wait for that day to come. As for Kennedy, there are days when litterly she wants nothing to do with her sister & will stay as far away from her as possible; but most days? The first thing I hear in the morning coming from her room... "SISSY? SISSY! AKE UP! SISSY COME ON" or making sure she gives her kisses before she goes to bed.every.night. hearing "I ove yo sissy, oh mush" Is enough to make my life in that moment. On the days Kensley is inconsolable I can look over Kennedy is trying her best to make her better. Just this weekend she took two ornaments & was clinking them together cause that was making her happy, 

Sisters are such a special thing I know cause I have one & I feel so blessed that I was able to give that to them. There was a time, many actually I questioned myself. Was Kennedy supposed to be just a only child, was I meant to do this, was my infertility & risks the second time around the God putting road blocks for this life I was supposed to have. & now I am embarrassed & ashamed I ever ever thought those thoughts. This IS the life for me, I WAS meant to have BOTH of these miracles in myself, & our struggle to get them here make us all the more grateful.

So that is what I came up with! These humans are amazing be everyday, I may complain that I havent showered in days; im STILL in the yoga pants I was in the when my husband left in the morning til he got home, I rarely have it together, someone without a doubt is crying/screaming at my house at any given moment; & if you were to randomly stop by my house during the day what you may find behind my door may scare you; but this life in all its messy-tantrum-ness has been so amazing, so even on those "bad days" im thanking my lucky stars for this life.each.and.every.day.