Can you believe it?
Shes TWO! I dont know how it happened! I feel like I started planning her party months ago...ok its because I did. I really really wanted to put alot into this birthday. Last year I was SO sick from being pregnant with Kensley & in & out of the hospital every other week, so if I had not of bought some things from Hobby Lobby that spring I wouldnt have had much for her birthday.

We were between two themes, Minnie & Cinderella. We decided with the Cinderella. I was shooting for only spending $50 tops for the party excluding food & her dress. I was going to make all the decoration with my Cricut. Which would save us lots of money. That in mind, I booked the cake, & started looking for a seamstress to make her dress. I knew I wanted a cinderella "inspired" dress. Not a costume. Something unique & not cookie cutter. 

The whole about 6 weeks before the party was a wreck, I get her dress. It is NOTHING, like what we talked about or even dress, yes I freakin drew what I wanted & it came out awful. THEN my old sister stole ALL of my cricut cartridges, including the to make her stuff. I looked it up on eBay & of course its retired & way more than what I wanted to spend on it! 

Things started to look up, a momma on the Matilda Jane board, gave me a great price & re made a dress for her. &  I ended up enlarging a cinderella printing it & cutting out each one myself. It was totally time consuming but it was my only option.

Here is what the ceiling was SUPPOSED to looked like but all the way ended up falling the day before & I had no energy to re do.

Just about everything for the party was a 1 dollar or less.
I ended up doing the whole party {again minus food & the dress} for a littlle less then $30!
 I made little chalk board signs, from $1 serving trays with chalk board paint on the inside.

 the cinderella banners, were free; I had the paper & just printed the image off google images.
Sugar cookies I made from scratch, & bought the Cinderella cookie cutters on sale a few months ago for $2, there was also crowns.

Another $1 try with plasic silverware that came with both for $1.

The clock we already had but took out the battery to keep at midnight, & had the book as well. My mother in law picked up all the pumpkins for a a couple dollars, I painted them white & put glitter on them.

I did cake frosting no the pretzel "wands". Microwave the frosting & use just like it were chocolate then refridgerate over night. I added cotton candy to the bottom of the jars so they would stick out enough to grab.

 Pack of wands were $1! 
The party favors were just in cups {$1} with cotton candy {.98 cents a tub} with plastic gift wrap {$1} with the wand in it!
The drink was just Sprite with frozen blue Hawaiian Punch! SO GOOD.
The cake was done by Cakes by Laurie. It was the biggest purchase for the party & worth every penny. 
It was SO perfect.

Of course I couldnt get a good one of her dress. She is constantly on the move. Here is one from before the party.
The crown: Target
Necklace: Made my Me :)
Bracelet: come in a gift
Wand: Walmart

Pictures of the party up next!!