First off the list!
We go every year to same place, cut down our tree; get our picture taken. 
I always cant wait {even tho we take one of our own} to see our picture from the previous year in their album!
We were so sad when the own came up to us & we caught up; talking about how we first started coming when we were dating; & he told us next year is the last year :(
In the mean time tho. We enjoyed it just as much as we did years past!

We borrowed my MILs truck, cranked up the Christmas music & was on our way!
Trying to explain a Christmas tree to a 2 year old is hard!
"a twee momma? we get a twee?"
Ok So let me just explain:
Brandon DID NOT tell me my hair looked like this haah
it was FREEZING. so we left the girls in the truck to find the free & i was trying to put my coat of my head, rubbing my ears & stuff to keep cold.
Pretty much the is a disaster photo, BUT, its not like this was a photoshoot anyway.
The girls can look back & remember what a goof momma was haha

this is Kennedy trying to tell Kensley to smile
I will always mourn not having the 2008 pic! :(
Also, You think maybe its time for me to get a new coat?!?! hahaha