I am little behind. But better late then never!

Kensley is 6 MONTHS, crazy.  We just like Kennedy had a little half birthday celebration for her! & like I said last time, one thing I have learned with this babies is tomorrow isn't given. So if I want to celebrate the first amazing 6 months of my babies life, im gonna dag-nab-it ;)

I look at her & I just can't believe it, maybe its because she is such a peanut. I am not sure.
Its becoming more real 6 months in, I have TWO kids. I mean like the last 6 months of craziness hecitness hasnt? haha I think the first 6 months was just a blur honestly. I was/am SO tired & keeping up with both of them all the days just blurred together. Now that she is crawling & the girls are playing, it is amazing. Its letting me sit back a little, take in my girls. I am just so blessed. So incredbiliy blessed. I just don't know what I did to deserve them. They are my world.

Dear Kensley,
6 months baby girl, 6 months. I remember this time last year I WAS so sick. We didn't know if you would even be here today. I didnt even know if I would be here today. I look at you & can't believe you are mine. You look SO much like me, & I love it. I love that we have that speical thing like sissy & daddy have. There is something about having your daughter looking like you that seems just so special. You are just a absolute joy, I thank God daily for choosing us to your parents. We are so truly lucky.   This 6 months has been amazing. Its so fun to watch you grow, & turn into you. Daddy & I always look at you and say "how big you are" when really you are still sucha peanut. This has been such a fun month!

Heres what you've been up to this past month:
 You started sitting up months ago then regressed & wouldnt sit up at all! Then out of no where started again. You started crawling! Ok well I wouldnt call it a REAL crawl. But you army crawl like nobodies business you are SO fast. 
Food: You started babyfood & love it!  Although you much rather have whatever is on our plate or so you seem to think, you grab EVERYTHING. You are still exclusively breastfeeding, & loving it.

Sleep: We transitioned you into your crib. You are still sleeping thru the night, waking up at about 5ish to nurse I just keep you in bed with me to snuggle the rest of the morning

You are now in size 2 diapers & weight 13lbs! & in 6 month clothing!
We had your referal appointment for your eye & then have your pre op appt at the end of the month to schedule your surgery for your clogged eye duct. I am so scared, but anxious to get it done at the same time!

Your favorite things
Momma iphone
Your sister
bouncing in your bouncer

You laugh, you are so ticklish! You babble. & boy do you have things to say. You & your sister yelled back & fourth to one another! Its so funny! Pretty much anything your sister does is hilarous to you. You watch her every move & it warms my soul to the core. I see a relationship/bond forming & I couldnt be more proud of bringing to humans into this world to be together.

Your firs'st this month: First Halloween  first time smashing cake/tasting sugar, first baby foods, first time crawling, first time trying a sippy.

We can't imagine life without you here. Thanks for making this the best 6 month of our lives!
Love, Momma

Click HERE for Kennedys 6 month update, which is when I got my first script our first cycle of fertility meds!