Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"outing" my blog

as you all know my blog is not "public" per say
I dont post on my personal facebook that i have this blog
& no one knows I have but a few people
it has been my "haven" of infertility woes & complaints
a pregnancy time capsule & virtual baby book
with us announcing the pregnancy here soon
I am battling with the decision to "out" my blog when I go my pregnancy
I asked all my twitter mommas {whom as the best}
& i got a 50/50 
I could make a family blog & just do kennedy & preg updates
but i also want my past ones on there, which will be time consuming
but do i want to lose this little "safe" place I have to vent, be pissed off & be 100% honest with myself & others?
I also feel like this wonderful thing in my life is such a secret!
When I got in the article for FLUX magazine I was excited but could only tell all of you, which of course was wonderful but I wanted to tell my other friends as well!

So I want YOUR opnion what would YOU do?
Keep it private? or make it public?


  1. that's a tough one.....i think it would be hard for you to always be 100% honest about some of the things that you do write about it the blog was more public....but at the same time you should be able to be 100% honest all the time and not feel bad about it. I love your blog and hope no matter what decision you make that you keep it up :)

  2. That is a hard decision to make. My blog is read by my hubby, my mom, and one of my daughters. It makes it a bit hard sometimes to write what I want to write. There are times that I need to just blow the hell up, and I can't because I am worried about giving my daughter the wrong impression or hurting my hubby or mom's feelings. It is definitely one of those things that is a fine line...whatever you decide, I will follow! I love your blog and your rants and your beautiful baby pics!!!

  3. i would keep it private! I wish mine was private a lot of times because sometimes I really want to vent about things, but am scared and aunt or mother in law or friend may be reading...

  4. My blog began as a private TTC/pregnancy journal, but then when my pregnancy with Elliot went haywire, I shared the link with family and friends so they could stay updated on our journey.
    Now, SO MANY of my family members and real-life friends read my blog. It is a wonderful way for them to see pictures of Elliot and keep up on our life (and second pregnancy!).
    To be honest, I don't have time for two blogs. I hardly have time for one, and it's only going to get harder when the new baby arrives. I do have to censor what I write sometimes, but I can always reach out to different people to vent if I need to.
    There are pros and cons either way- it's up to you :)

  5. I know we know each other IRL and I am jealous that you have this place to vent about things in life! I outed my blog pretty much right away and now have to watch what I post because so many family members and friends read it..I say keep it private!

  6. I couldn't keep up with 2 blogs. Mine was private for family/close friends to begin with and just since summer did I go public. BUT, I don't share my blog with everyone on Facebook. I just wanna keep my life "private" from snoopy high school peoples. If they find it, fine...but I don't advertise. At the end of the day...nothing is truly private (unless it's password-only accessible) on the internet so I'd still use caution if you keep this a "private" blog. I enjoy sharing my blog with everyone for updates on us, that's why I started it. I use Twitter to vent! :)


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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