I know so shocking!
Im sitting here with my sicky girl!
she has croup AND RSV
we can't catch a break
babygirl is laying watching Elf, seriously she never watches TV even if I want her to, when im doing something; nothing catches her attention. But Elf, oh me oh my she is hooked! & this momma is thankful.
I am doing so much better! Im down to about 7ish times a day in the morning for getting sick; which is so great!

I don't have much time to write right now, I have to take bug out to get some cold air in her lung
but I will leave you with some pics from the party!
The day went off without a ditch!
We had it at the local golf course/country club; we ended up having just over 30 guests & it was so amazing to see that all of them were there for OUR little girl. We are so blessed to have such fantastic people in our/her life.
Printable by: DimplePrints
Decor: DIY by me :)

Dessert/Cake Table
oreos,twizzlers, ladybug cookies, & of course CAKE! :)

Thank You ladybug cookies
Smash Cake!
The cake!
She is absolutely the best at opening gifts, so so fun!
Here are some of fav gift pictures!
First gift:
Mom, that card is so hilarous haha
Same face :)
Like mother like daughter hehe
Smash cake Faves:
Shy when everyone started singing to her 

I didnt take much I acutally only took the ones of the table & my cousin took the others!
I wish i would have hired someone now, so I would have had more but oh well! What I do have im grateful for!
Hope to write more, sooner than later!
I miss you all, I am reading on my reader so i cant comment as  I am on my phone! but I am reading I promise! :))