as you all know my blog is not "public" per say
I dont post on my personal facebook that i have this blog
& no one knows I have but a few people
it has been my "haven" of infertility woes & complaints
a pregnancy time capsule & virtual baby book
with us announcing the pregnancy here soon
I am battling with the decision to "out" my blog when I go my pregnancy
I asked all my twitter mommas {whom as the best}
& i got a 50/50 
I could make a family blog & just do kennedy & preg updates
but i also want my past ones on there, which will be time consuming
but do i want to lose this little "safe" place I have to vent, be pissed off & be 100% honest with myself & others?
I also feel like this wonderful thing in my life is such a secret!
When I got in the article for FLUX magazine I was excited but could only tell all of you, which of course was wonderful but I wanted to tell my other friends as well!

So I want YOUR opnion what would YOU do?
Keep it private? or make it public?