birthday is in t-minus 2 days!
party on sunday!

Brandons Great Grandma passed away last week, so we have to go out of town tonight to be there for the funeral tomorrow. Which he had to take as this day of for the week!
So im super sad we actually wont see him at all on the day of her actual birthday, I am super bummed! 
He has a new positon at another office a hour away, as if I didnt already struggle with his hours; this makes it worse. But I keep reminding myself; at least he has a job, I am thankful, I am thankful, this is the reason I get to stay home..I am thankful I am thankful...haha it works..sometimes

So Wednesday we were supposed to have a birthday dinner just us 3 & go to Toys R Us to pick her up gift, that she is gonna die; but da-da is getting subbed by na-na! She wants to take her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. I am on the fence. HELLO GERMS. but with her a running around crazy person; it does seem ideal to be able to run around  & it will be a weekday so it wont be busy! We will see! I will have lots of pictures!

& I babysit; so I have to get alllll the party stuff ready, WITH an engagement session on Saturday.
I am freakin out!

I will leave you with a throwback picture of my itty baby! :(