Sunday, April 3, 2011

weekend recap

Friday, I got a full day just bug & I. I had my break-down. Then that night, we went out for dinner as a family; I paid. Well we don't have my money, your money. But every once in awhile we will say "i got this" or "im treating you to dinner" I think it makes it seem more date-y & make each other feel good; but when it goes down to it, its all coming out of the same bank account. :)
im ballin ;)

Saturday, I did some much needed cleaning. My little sister came to visit & played with Kennedy so I get alot of what she wouldn't me get done. It was nice to see her, & her visit. She &  My mom stop by all the time during the week but only stop for a little while, to drop of kennedy a outfit, toy or just hold her for a second. So it was nice to actually visit! Then my day ended in..well you can tell by my chart {obviously I caved & started temping, }

Then today, we got up early to have breakfast @ the in-laws; yummy biscuits & gravy! I had a last minute newborn session, with a little man that had a awful tummy ache; so we scheduled another session for tomorrow. I hope it goes better than today, cause I didn't get much :( & then had dinner at my parents & now I am catchin up on my reader & cuddlin in bed with my babies! Kennedy is stayin up past her bed-time with my lack of cuddling due to nana's today! :)

he kept that one little eye open the whole time haha
What'd you guys do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I'm so excited that you are TTC again. I don't think you know this, since I don't talk about it on my blog, but I had several miscarriages before getting pregnant with Elliot, even though we weren't really TTCing yet. Including one at 14.5 weeks which was SOOOO hard. My doctors tell me that now that I've successfully carried and birthed a baby, I should be able to conceive again with less chance of miscarriage than before.
    We're probably going to TTC a few months after Aaron gets home, when Elliot is about 8-9 months old :)

  2. I am so jealous you get to see your family. They are a blessing!

  3. Your weekend sounded great :) good luck with the temping!

    Ps. I LOVE the sunglasses! Where are they from?


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