Friday, I got a full day just bug & I. I had my break-down. Then that night, we went out for dinner as a family; I paid. Well we don't have my money, your money. But every once in awhile we will say "i got this" or "im treating you to dinner" I think it makes it seem more date-y & make each other feel good; but when it goes down to it, its all coming out of the same bank account. :)
im ballin ;)

Saturday, I did some much needed cleaning. My little sister came to visit & played with Kennedy so I get alot of what she wouldn't me get done. It was nice to see her, & her visit. She &  My mom stop by all the time during the week but only stop for a little while, to drop of kennedy a outfit, toy or just hold her for a second. So it was nice to actually visit! Then my day ended in..well you can tell by my chart {obviously I caved & started temping, }

Then today, we got up early to have breakfast @ the in-laws; yummy biscuits & gravy! I had a last minute newborn session, with a little man that had a awful tummy ache; so we scheduled another session for tomorrow. I hope it goes better than today, cause I didn't get much :( & then had dinner at my parents & now I am catchin up on my reader & cuddlin in bed with my babies! Kennedy is stayin up past her bed-time with my lack of cuddling due to nana's today! :)

he kept that one little eye open the whole time haha
What'd you guys do this weekend?