Here the thing. I am pissed off.
Yeah I know It was only one cycle.
But what happened to "my fertility should be tip-top"
does this mean its gonna suck like before.
Dr's shouldn't give false hope.

Do you know what else sucks, getting 2 BFP's, only to have BFN's.
It hurt. It stung. & I am emotional.

AF came a freakin week early almost to laugh in my face.
That sucks.

I won't be having a 2011 baby.
That sucks.

My chart seriously is crazy right now, cause of all this AF early-ness.
FF has me fertile for over a week!

You know what else, I forgot  how much scheduled sex gets old.
Temping every morning get old.
Checking my CM gets nasty.
Charting can be a huge pain in my butt. {i did get the phone app tho, WAY easier}

But when I get honest..
As much as that one line sucks, & stings. & brings me to tears.
& the reminder with AF here that "HEY YOUR NOT PREGNANT" screams at me.

You get two lines & here
comes the joy
But the after?
earth shattering FEAR.

Yup this is my life.

The life of a IF RPL woman.
Nope I am not bitter. ;)

By the way, girl I used to babysit; pregnant.
16 years old.
Her first time.