Hi! I'm Tara! Welcome to my little space of the blog-shere!
A little about me? I am first & foremost a Momma to a beautiful little girl! A wife. A stay at home-mom. A photographer. I am labeled "unexplained infertile". A miscarriage survivor x2. I am honest, brutally honest. Stuborn. Generally a extremely happy person. & very outgoing! I love food, probably a little to much. Lover of that trashy reality television. Just a momma, dealing with life & all the up's & down's of trying to start my family.

My husband. Name? Brandon. He is amazing in so many ways you would get annoyed at the list.A guy's guy. He is the ultimate provider. My biggest supporter. He is ok with the fact I may not be able to give him the family he wants & dreams for. All in All, truly just amazing.

Kennedy/bug/buggy/ladybug. 4 months old. Amazing me everyday. Lover of all things hello kitty. Never with out a bow or flower on her head. Prides herself on her fashion sense. Amazingly adorable. Momma's girl. Never cries. Sleeps all the time/lazy. But when she is up, smiles the most beautiful smile you can imagine. Laughs often. Beautiful blue eyes. Just plain Adorable.

I started my blog first to keep in touch with family & friends during my wedding process & what my husband & I were up to! I then was embraced by the Infertility & Miscarriage community; who knew I wasn't the only on going thru all this. It turned in to my journal of my struggles & heartache. It then turned into my journey thru a scary pregnancy, the birth of our miracle & now documenting my wonderful journey thru motherhood, milestones of my baby girl; & now the struggle of possible not being able to carry another child & us taking on a few cycles of TTC.

Pull up a chair & look around! I am so glad you are here!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011