Real Fruit Sno Cones

The heat isn't letting up, & I love finding new snacks for the girls to cool down eating!

Hawaiian Ice sent us this amazing shaved ice machine, & it got me thinking of how we could use this at home with a healthier alternative to the syrups with lots of dye & artificial flavoring you normally use for sno cones & shaved ice so we can eat it more often at home!

We have owned a shaved ice machine before, & they always are well...crap.
This machine is professional grade & made making the sno cones / shaved ice super easy, with little clean up! & its super easy so the girls can even help! It is for sure the best at home use machine on the market!

Obviously we used the shaved ice for sno cones  here, but it comes with little bowls to make classic shaved ice as well!

For the syrup, I used 100% juice concentrate! No yucky extras! Here we just used grape, we have also used apple & orange juice which is the girls favorite!

If the concentrate is too sweet, you can always water it down a little just like you were really using it for juice!
I put it in squeeze bottles and they worked out great!!

To cut down on waste, we purchased these reusable sno cone cups, they come with little stands which helps alot when making them to set them aside, & helps with there being less of a mess when the girls do the syrup themselves!

Have you tried other ways to flavor your shaved ice or sno cones? I would love to know!