Traveling with kids can be headache.
The girls are at the age that we really enjoy traveling with them.
But one of the reasons its enjoyable is planning ahead & being prepared.

Before you leave for any road trip in the car make sure your car is ready to go. I promise it will make a huge diffrence.

- Clean out your car

Empty it all out & vacuum everything out. I promise it makes a difference.

- Check air pressure & oil

Make sure the outsides are just as taken care of as the inside! Finish off any fluids  & make sure you have a battery pack or jumper cables with you! I hope you have a emergency car kit, if not I highly suggest getting one to have for everyday travel in the car not just for a road trip!

- Update your GPS or GPS apps

Waze is my favorite GPS app. I don't travel without having it on my phone!

This isn't a requirement. But it always helps ;)

- Chargers

 Grab all the chargers you will need. I love this one to plug more than one device in. Make sure you charge up all devices the night before!


I keep this little pop up trash bin in my car in all times, its perfect for road trips! When you don't need it, it collapse for easy storage!

- Portable Potty

if you have little ones you know that they have to go at the most inconvenient times. & sometimes the exit that is closest doesn't have a gas station or the it isn't safe or clean to take them in. This thing has come in handy I don't know how many times with the girls on trips! I always keep it in the trunk!


-Stock up on snacks

I would like to say we pack all healthy snacks, & while most are some what. What makes a road trip, a road trip is the road trip snacks, amirite?! Everyone needs some jerky & pringles! I like to put it all in a basket for easy grabbing & keeping it all contained!

- DVD's

If you have a DVD player bring some along. I highly recommend something that is a multi feature. It so nice to have more than one movie on one disc or a series from a show. I really like stopping by Cracker Barrel & picking up movies there. The girls love Little House on the Prarie, old school Duck Tales & Chip & Dale. This road trip I got the Herbie the Love Bug series. It was a hit! If you are watching anything on iPads make sure everything is downloaded before you hit the road!

- Blankets & Loveys

Make sure you have blankets & their personal comfort item.

- Things to do

Part of things going smoothly is keeping them occupied! I try to get everything without them knowing, so everything is surprise when they get in the car.

Here are our faves:

The cookie tray is for them to use as a tray! Its great for eating & for when they are coloring it catches anything from falling! I also keep wipes, & paper towels in there!

9. Books
11. iPads