I meant to put together my favorite summer reads ever, and then it was like I blinked & summer was over.
Maybe next year.
I am however, going to share with you some of the books I did happened to read this summer, & that I currently love!

Who hasn't read this book at this point.
It is eye opening, & amazing. I feel that is perfect for moms. But certainly any woman could read & take something from. I had perfect Ah ha moments, & come to Jesus moments. The whole book is about Lies we tell ourselves, & how to overcome them. She a cross between a life coach & your best friend.

My girl Melissa wrote this book. WHO JUST GOT HER OWN SHOW ON TV. I love her. & I promise you will too. The thing is Melissa says everything that I have said or want to say but 10xs better hence her own book.  & I promise she says everything you want to say but don't. I laughed & cried in this book. I think if you read it, you will see why her & I are so much a like. She is hilarious in the best possible way, & she is as real as they get. This book will inspire you to do just as the title says, eat cake & be brave, & encourage you to have come courage ;)

First, if you are not following Jenny on Instagram {@jennymollen } RIP @jennyandteets2, stop what you are doing right now & do it. She will hate me for saying for this in a intro about her, but she's Jason Biggs wife. Whos lot in life is to be known for anything but being Jason Biggs wife. If you have read any Babe Walker book, she reminds me of her, but not quite as prude & a mom. This book will have you rolling I promise! Her witty impulsiveness, the way she loves in big ways & drive to prove people wrong reminds me so much of myself. Its a great funny, light/heavy read about motherhood & life! Apparently this is her second book so I went a little backwards reading this; but I already have her other book on my nightstand ready to go when school goes back.

& there you have it!
These books are page turners all 3 I read in less than a month back to back.
You wont want to put them down, unless you are putting it down to take in something that they said {see also back to my "ah ha" moments}!
What are you currently reading? I'd love to know!