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10 Skills to Ask Your Amazon Echo

Those of you that follow me on IG, know about my little friend, Alexa.
Guys, the whole family has fallen in love with her.
She is so helpful, & honestly so fun!
The girls & I generally use her for music more than anything. {at any given time in our house you can hear one of the girls yelling "ALEXA, play greatest showman. or ALEXA, play Disneys ZOMBIES.. ALEXA is in caps because they can't just say ALEXA.. its always yelled ALEXA!}

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But, there is alot more to her than listening to music. 
So here is the list of what things we use her for most!
I am here to get everyone to get a Echo! So either hopefully this will make you either buy one, or know how to use yours better! 

1. Music
I am just putting this on here, even though I already mentioned it. We synced our Spotify account, but it has capabilities to use more music streaming services, as well as your prime account.

You ask:
"Alexa, play Christmas music"
"Alexa, play Taylor Swift"
"Alexa, play Believer by Imagine Dragons"

2. Weather

The girls use this every morning when getting dressed!

You ask:
 "Alexa, What is the weather today" or "how hot will be today" ect.

3. Alarms, Reminders, Times

This is a super helpful for us busy moms, or those that can get scattered brained.
You can use it as your morning alarm clock. Or to reminder you to leave, or do something at certain time. You can also ask things like how man days til a certain date, or when a certain holiday is.

The time feature is amazing during Thanksgiving, because you can set multiple timers at once.

You ask:
"Alexa, set a timer for the potatoes for 20 minutes" 
"Alexa, wake me up at 6 AM"
"Alexa, when is Easter this year?"
"Alexa, remind me to leave for dance in 15 minutes"

4. Games
This a fun one with our family.
We play jeopardy, every Friday there is new questions & topics. So when we are making our pizzas for movies night we ask to play. We also love the Disney trivia game. Though, there are so many others. Sports, Pop Culture, you name it!

You Ask:
"Alexa, Lets play Jeopardy"
"Alexa, Lets play Disney Triva"
"Alexa, Play simon says"

5. Facts
Alexa, is litterly a speaker with Wikipedia.
You can ask facts about just about anything. It comes into handy with martial arguments. Like, hypothetically of course, how children Adam Sandler has. She has the answer.

You ask:
"Alexa, Wikipedia Abraham Lincoln" 
"Alexa, How old is Kate Hudson?"

6. Break a Tie
You can also use her for things to break a tie, or help you make a decision if your family or friends are indecisive.

You ask:
"Alexa, Rock, Paper, Scissors"
"Alexa, Flip a coin"
"Alexa, Roll a dice:

7.  Intercom
If you have more than one Echo, or you can use it through you your phone, to talk to someone somewhere else in the house.
I have even used this when I have gotten in the car & a child is still inside & I am waiting on them. HA! I use my phone in the Alexa app, & "drop in" to the Living room & make sure to put some fire under their butt to get outside! LOL I just talk into my phone like I normally would and tell them to hurry, or if they need something!

You ask:
"Alexa, Drop in to Kensleys Room"
"Alexa, Drop in to the Kitchen"

8. Shopping Lists 
This one is a HUGE life saver for me. I don't know how many times, I am in the moment doing something & realize we are low or out of something. & I just don't have a moment to write it down.
Just the other day I was giving the girls a bath & ran out of shampoo. I told Alexa to add it to my shopping list, & right then it popped up into my phone & saved it to my shopping list.
You can also shop right from Alexa through Amazon!

You ask:
"Alexa, add paper towels to my shopping list"
"Alexa, buy laundry soap"

9. Sounds
Every night, Kensley uses this in her room. She asks for ocean sounds. But there is also some fun ones the girls get a kick out cats, dogs & even farts! *eye roll*

You ask:
"Alexa, play ocean sounds"
"Alexa, bark like a dog"

10. Smart Home
You control your smart devices for your home through Alexa as well. I like doing this after I get into bed. I don't have to get up to turn the fan, on or off. & I won't have to curse Brandon not turning the light off AGAIN . LOL She will even start your Roomba for you ! *insert praise hands*

You ask:
"Alexa, turn off the lights"
"Alexa, turn on the fan"
"Alexa, dim the lights to 10%"

SO what are you waiting for! You have to get a Echo, & tell me all about it!
I am going to have two more posts coming up having to do with all things Alexa, stay tuned!