Strawberry Fruit Dip

 School is out!
& that only means one thing SUMMER!!
We are always snacking on fruit, but even more in the summer. I can't keep our fridge full ever. I buy a carton of strawberries & in one day they are gone!
I remember one time when I was 7, I ate SO many strawberries it was unreal, & I broke out in the all of over rash; It looking like I was turning red! HA!

To switch it up every once in awhile for a sweet treat for our strawberry snacking; or when we go to a grill out & I don't want to come empty handed. I always make this super simple Strawberry fruit dip! Its simple & it's gone with in minutes! Such a crowd pleaser! Everyone asks me the recipe & no one every believes what it made of & how simple it is!

All you need is:

1 block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 big jar of Kraft Marshmallow Fluff or 2 small jars
Optional: I have added Cool Whip as well

Yes that's it!!

Mix both the ingredients up in the mixer. It's sticky but boy is it good!
put it in the fridge to chill. & there you have it!
Just don't go eating too many strawberries & turn red on me!