So here we are in May. Can you believe it?
I feel like it was just the New Year, then BAM May.

Speaking of the New Year, since we are 5 months in now, how is your resolution going?
I imagine it's going 1 of 2 ways..either:
A) Your Killing it, going strong
B) You've moved on
If you're B, don't beat yourself up. I think, in my non-professional & lack of energy to google; the stats would show that like, more than 50% of people actually follow through.
& to the other half, way to go! You should be so proud of yourself!
This is for both you A & B people.

I know what your thinking here, & it is..where is she going with this? Why are we talking abuot this now?

I want you take a look at your past, & maybe even current resolutions..
What is the one thing they have in common?
They are you about changing yourself right?
 Something you, someone else, or society told you was wrong?

I started thinking when writing this,what does resolution even mean? The literal definition. 

a firm decision to do or not to do something

I am all for continually working on ourselves. Everyday, I wake up & think of what I can do that day to be a better mom & person than I was the day before. Be the person my girls think I am. To be the person I want to admire & look up to. As partners & now parents, Brandon & I's philosophy is always to continue to make a better life for ourselves & now our family.

BUT, what if we flipped the script for the rest of the year? We can still better ourselves of course. Never stop that.

What if we made 'a firm decision to do or not do something'? & what if that firm decision was to not think about what we think is wrong ourselves? or more so.. made a change on how we think & feel about ourselves?

Do I mean to completely go crazy & eat the entire menu at taco bell? or whatever you choose your resolution for?

No, of course not.

What I am mean is..
As women, mothers ect, we are always SO hard on ourselves.
There is always weight we want to lose, skin we want to tighten, hair we want to grow, eye brows we want fleek'd {amirite?} So much so that there are people that make money off of our insecurities everyday. Isn't that crazy?

So I was thinking as I was talking with a girlfriend, who was so down on herself about not keeping with her resolution & just tearing herself apart...
Let's make a LOVE ourselves. Stop focusing on what your dislike & want to change. To truly love ourselves. To be grateful, for ourselves & who we are, right now.

If we go back to my super science based statistics that I used up yonder, we have about 6
 months left in the year, so you really only have to do this for 3 months.

I think you can take 3 months & not think about what's wrong yourself, & be grateful for who we are & the life we have.
 Instead of writing down your resolution of what you want to change. I want you to write down things you love about yourself, find a positive in your negative {ex. your body carried a child ect}, write what you wouldn't change about yourself, accomplishments you HAVE made this year so far. This could be something as small as teaching yourself to cook, or something as big as buying a new home.

So let's do this together, K? 
I know we can.
Share this with other women you think could use some good postivity in their life too about themselves.

Focus on the good. Be grateful our bodies, & our lives.
& I just know the rest our year, is going to look a whole lot different.

I would love to see your list! Feel free to send it to me, or tag me in it!