If you are like any other red blooded  American, You have Netflix.
& Likewise, always looking for something new to watch.
What was that robot guy that would "help" you pick something out?
He rarely helped us, but every once in awhile he got it right.
I kind of miss his dull rumor.
Anyway, I am always wondering what everyone's "recently watched" list looks like, cause there is just SO much out there & I am looking for something new. SO I thought I would share what I've been loving this month, & play that robot guy for you.

1. Grace & Frankie

Praise the lord there is new episodes this month. I found this over the winter & was dying for new ones! New ones just rolled out May; so if you get to binging, you will have plenty to get you through.
I can't give a synopsis, because there is shock value (at least it was for me) in the first episode that is the main plot line through out. But take my word for it. It's so good. It has comedy & everything in between.

2. My Father The Hero

This was one of my absolute favorite movies growing up. I am un sure why. But it was & has continued to be. I nearly jumped off my bed when I saw it available as I haven't seen it since I lost the VHS. It's about a young girls rebellious self on a vacation with her father that has not exactly been a big part of her life. All the while creating a scheme of a false identity while of course, falling in love.
If that doesn't get you interested, a very young, beautiful Katherine Heigl should. It's a great Sunday afternoon movie!

3. Gilmore Girls

I am sure this one doesn't need much explaining. I've already seen nearly every episode but watching everyone to gear up for the reunion season was amazing. Spending my nights in Stars Hollow with Sukie, Loreali & Rory was the perfect closure of my day.

4. Bring It On

I mean, can we collectively agree that we were thrilled to see this on the "Recently Added" list? I proudly cheered that opening cheer without missing a beat after all these years.

5. Pleasantville

Another favorite from my pre teen year! I remember renting this VHS on Fridays several times!
This is a movie about a brother & sister getting transported into the brothers favorite black & white 50's sitcom television show. A young Paul Walker appearance will make you miss him even more than you already do. A must see.

6. Just Friends

Great comedy with Ryan Reynolds getting stuck in the "friend zone" during his teen years, that comes back to town as an adult as a total hunk trying to re kindle his love for his high school sweet heart.  If nothing else, watch the first 5 minutes of a chubby, brace face Ryan Reyonlds getting down to Boys II Men; you will find your self laughing and singing along.

7. Save the Last Dance

OH man, who doesn't love Julia Sties?? What happened to her? She was in every single one of my favorite 90's chick flicks. She was the perfect all American girl! No doubt she plays that role in this movie too. But moves to Chicago after tragedy & starts learning to be more "urban". All the while learning to a new dancing compared to her normal sophisticated ballet dance moves.

Comment with your favorite below! I am always needing more & maybe it will be on my next list!
See you next month!