We have a few favorite place, Disney being our first. But Great Wolf comes pretty close second!
We went again this year for Kensleys Birthday!
You can see the last time we went with posts on what to pack for you stay, & what there is to do at GWL:  HERE & HERE

We suprised the girls this time in the morning, by waking them really early & asking if they could choose anywhere to go that day {besides Disney World} where would they choose, knowing Kensley would choose GWL! 
They were SO surprised!

We got them all ready for the about 5 hour drive!
Again this time I suggest getting the printable on their website HERE

Before we took off! Violets in hand! I somehow didn't get a photo, but I had set out after we told them. New Violet stuff animals, ears, GWL shirts & all their coloring pages with their luggage packed. They were THRILLED.

I really slacked, but didn't at the same time ha! at photos. 
Brandon got a go pro for his birthday the week before and we took alot of video that I need edit through & will link!

The front desk surprised her with knowing it was her birthday again & with birthday ears!

We got the wolf den suite this time! They loved it!

our first night eating at the Critter Cafe. It was SO good, we need up eating her every night!

Fun at the bowling alley! One of our favorites!

Our second day was all about the birthday girl!

Getting to update their pillow cases!

They have special drinks with each character to order. My girls LOVED picking a new one each time.

color changing spoons were so cool to them!

Heres Kensley being sang to at storytime.
Which she loved, but to any shy girl was aboslutely mortified. She stared at her sister the whole time, who lovingly went up with her.

They were surprised by a knock on the door! It was Violet, how perfect; with cookie & milk before bed!

I highly suggest adding breakfast on at booking!
Plus look, wolf print waffles. I mean, you gotta.

I only have one day of swim pics, our third day. opps.

brain freeze

more changing color spoons
We skipped the spa this time & did the arcade! They had some games the girls really enjoyed!

When we left we had plans to visit the near by dunes.
We ended up running out of time, so we just went to the nearest beach, which was about 5 minute away.
It was a pretty warm day for April but rather chilly with the water wind.
We still enjoyed a quick visit though.
It was so so beautiful.
The sand was nice & warm til you got a little deep. The girls loved that.
The view looked like we were someone out west. Just gourg.

LOL the sun was so bright.

who's that hunk??

The water was crazy clear. you could see down the bottom everywhere.

If you made it through ALL those pictures, you get a virtual gold star! ;)