Easter is one of my favorites!
I feel like I need to, though not needed at all; but to say my kids litterly get nothing extra during the year. For certain holidays they get gifts. Easter being one of them. It is okay if you give your child more than I do my kids, it is okay if you give them less than what I do.
But is not okay is to judge someone for how little or how much someone gets their children.
That being said lets get into Easter!
We LOVE every "the night before" books. If you don't know what I am talking about, look them up. I think there is 2 different publishers that do that & we love both! We either own or get from the library every holiday!  So of course, the night before Easter; We read...The Night Before Easter! ;)

They drifted to sleep as the Easter Bunny arrived!
Hi, Lolly!
& he dropped off the baskets full of goodies!

 I get asked alot what I, ahem, the bunny puts in their baskets. Ill list them below:

Inside: Lush easter bath bomb, palace pet, DVD {tomorrowland}, Boo with ears, 3 new American Girl Mega Block Legos. Nom Noms, Shopkins & several "kinder" surprise eggs.

Inside: Palace Pet, Lush bath bomb, Dvd {Inside Out}, Boo with ears, Calico Critters {Pandas}, 2 Disney Palace Pets Lego sets, Nom Noms, Shopkins, & several "kinder" surprise eggs.

Now it's time to wake up!

The Aftermath

Here are some photos from the annual easter egg hunt with Jessica in town. Who has grown so much hasnt she? It was pretty cold this egg hunt :(
You can see past years Easters HERE & HERE

She got the Golden Egg this year!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.