Anyone else over their ears in shopkins?
If you don't know what shopkins are, they are these teeny tiny rubber figurines in shapes of food, or other household products with faces on them.
& they are absolutely adorable.
The thing about them is, they are mostly in blind bags.
So you buy them not knowing what you are going to get.
& there is always a few that are very sought after, & of course you never get them until you buy like..20.
So as I am sure you are picking up on, you end with, well, a lot.
They did come out with these handy cute cases. But they only hold a few.
& at their prices you end up spending $100 on a bunch of cases that take up a lot of room.

Cue a tackle box.

You can put lots in one without having to dig thru a tub to find a certain one because they are shallow.
Sometimes my girls organize the sections by certain shopkins, but mostly they are all just thrown in there.
I got this tackle box for $4.99! Score! & if your child wanted they could decorate the box they want!
How do you organize your child small toys?

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